[DNS] Time for the rulestochangeregardingtransferringdomainnamelicences

[DNS] Time for the rulestochangeregardingtransferringdomainnamelicences

From: Tony Owen <tony§seol.net.au>
Date: Thu, 29 Sep 2005 12:59:10 +0930
> To have someone register it and try to sell it back to the original owner
> is a bit dodgy, but really... how much opportunity does the existing 
> client
> need?  Two months not enough?

Unfortunately a large percentage of domain owners are clueless, a fact of 
life has created the opportunites for people like DNA.

Personally, I think a transfer fee (picking a random number ... $50) would 
stop a whole heap of these scams, and the revenue could be used to reduce 
the cost of the base registration fee.

Looking at the scam I mentioned in the previous post .. $280 = approx 56 
registrations, so these guys only need 1 in 56 people to buy back their 
domain names to break even. If a transfer fee of $50 was charged they would 
need 1 in 5.

Providing the revenue of a fee was used to reduce the registration fees, 
eveyone is a winner, arent they?

Cheers Tony 
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