[DNS] Chesley & DNA

[DNS] Chesley & DNA

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Date: Sun, 25 Sep 2005 17:47:23 +1000
On 25 Sep 2005 at 7:15, Ron Stark wrote:

> To change the subject somewhat, does anybody know the latest on Domain Names Australia/Chesley Rafferty and his cohorts?
> ?

We have two clients who paid their dough to the above for domain names earlier this year 
(before they became our clients).

Both domains were registered  originally in the name of Domain Names Australia via Enom. 
One is still there but the other has been recently moved to a registrar based in India.

One domain is now registered in the name of Empius Interactive Pty Ltd which seems to be 
associated in some way with CR. Empius Interactive Pty Ltd has registered  empius.com.au 
via Domain Candy.  The other domain is now registered in the name of 
DomainName.com.au  which is a domain name registered by DomainName.com.au Pty Ltd 
registered via Explorer.

Both of the abovementioned domains are directly derived from the names of our client's 
registered businesses and trademarks.

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