[DNS] Australia's luckiest man?

[DNS] Australia's luckiest man?

From: Dave <frm125§gmail.com>
Date: Tue, 30 Aug 2005 12:23:25 +1000
I just checked the 20 most popular geographic domains as reported by auDA 
and it seems that of the 9 domains registered so far, 5 were won by a Mr 
Jeff Marr of Aussie Destinations Pty Ltd. These include -

perth.com.au <http://perth.com.au>
casino.com.au <http://casino.com.au>
newcastle.com.au <http://newcastle.com.au>
darwin.com.au <http://darwin.com.au>
airliebeach.com.au <http://airliebeach.com.au>

The other 4 domains seem to be randomly allocated to 4 different entities.

What are the odds of winning 25% of the top 20 most sought after domains - 
many of which had around 100 applications?

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