[DNS] domain name, WSIS & governance news - 22 August

[DNS] domain name, WSIS & governance news - 22 August

From: David Goldstein <goldstein_david§yahoo.com.au>
Date: Thu, 25 Aug 2005 02:14:25 +1000 (EST)
Check out http://auda.org.au/domain-news/dn-news for
the latest domain news. By close of business 25
August, a more recent edition of the news will be
posted to the auDA web site.

The domain name news is supported by auDA.


Signposts in Cyberspace by the National Academies
Computer Science Telecommunications Board
This document reports the conclusions of an assessment
of the current state and the future prospects of the
DNS and its interactions with Internet navigation,
including its uses as a means of navigation itself and
as an infrastructure for navigation by other means.
The assessment is the result of the deliberations of a
committee that encompasses a wide range of
disciplines, experience, and viewpoints. The report is
addressed to the technologists, policy makers, and
others whose decisions will affect the future of the
DNS and Internet navigation aids and services. The
specific conclusions and recommendations of the
Committee on Internet Navigation and the Domain Name
System appear throughout this summary in boldface

Beyond Cybersquatting: Taking Domain Name Disputes
Past Trademark Policy by JACQUELINE D. LIPTON [Case
Western Reserve University School of Law]
This Article suggests the development of a new
classification scheme for different types of Internet
domain name disputes outside the 'bad faith'
cybersquatting context. This new classification scheme
highlights both the fact that the current legal and
regulatory framework is focused on only a narrow class
of domain name disputes, and that the policies
underlying this framework are not suited to other
categories of domain name disputes. The article
further identifies ways in which new solutions could
be developed that are better suited to domain name
complaints outside the cybersquatting context and that
more appropriately reflect emerging social norms about
Internet usage and domain name registration.


Government Regulation of Dot-ca Domain Name Space by
This article tries to help fill the gap by taking a
closer look at the Canadian dot-ca Top-Level
Domain-Name and the Canadian Government's current and
possibly future regulatory regime. Emphasis is put on
answering four key questions: What can be regulated?
How can it be regulated? What is the current situation
in Canada? And should there be regulation in the first


Exploring Autonomous System Numbers by Geoff Huston
In a set of three articles we?ll first explore how the
Autonomous System Number number space is structured,
how ASN?s are used in the inter-domain routing
environment, and then look at the consumption rate of
these numbers and finally examine our options once we
get to the point of likely ASN number pool exhaustion.

.XXX Puzzle Pieces Start to Come Together: And the
Picture is Ugly
Americans who worried about governments somehow
"running" the Internet through the United Nations
failed to see the Trojan Horses that were rolled into
ICANN's structure in 1998: the Governmental "Advisory"
Committee and the special US Government powers over

This week in the naughty Net
The old adage is that "sex sells," but some on the
Internet and gaming world are finding it a tough sell.


Internet Porn Exists And .xxx Is Just Simpler
Though people have been leery for years about
regulating the Internet, that reticent stance is
exactly what has caused a Wild West of online porn
sites that don't care who sees what they're peddling.
Recently, in their ever-efficient way, the two ruling
parties of the United States government have been in a
tizzy over the topic, and it is becoming clear that
Internet regulation is soon to be a reality-even if
either party hasn't fully agreed on how to handle it.
One's blind and the other is trying to kill a fly with
a bazooka.


The ABCs of .XXX
The US Government is leaning on ICANN to reconsider
the XXX domain. This is no way to develop a universal

us: Pro-Family Groups Praise Efforts to Block '.xxx'
A number of pro-family organizations have announced
their support of Bush administration efforts to halt
approval of an online ".xxx" domain, denouncing the
plan as "an effort to pander to the porn industry."


ICANN .NET Agreement Update
Following the request-for-proposal process and re-bid
set out in the expired .NET agreement, which included
an independent evaluation of applications for the
operation the .NET registry and subsequent
negotiations, the ICANN Board approved a Registry
Agreement executed by ICANN and VeriSign. 


uk: UK internet industry on the up, says registry
The much-vaunted ?UK online? is becoming a reality,
according to .uk domain name registry, Nominet.
Figures released by the registry show an ever-growing
number of UK internet users ? with more than 150 .uk
web addresses being registered every hour.



au: ARU moves against website operator
The Australian Rugby Union has filed a complaint with
auDA against the operators of the website aru.com.au.
aru.com.au currently re-directs to a website that
offers the chance to win a television upon subscribing
to a fee-based weekly horoscope service. The ARU is
concerned the content will mislead users to believe
the site is associated with the ARU or its sponsors.
The ARU also considers that the aru.com.au website
infringes its intellectual property rights including
trade mark rights. There does not seem to be a link
for this story.

au: Internet businesses vie for Perth address
The national Internet domain name authority says
perth.com.au was Australia's most sought after name in
its recent sale of geographic Internet addresses.



au: Port is our most desired local domain name
IT seems everyone wants a slice of Port Adelaide.
portadelaide.com.au was South's Australia's most
sought-after commercial geographic domain name.


au: Commercial geographic domain name ballot results
released (news release)
perth.com.au the most sought after commercial
geographic domain name according to auDA ballot

eu first ? companies race to register new domain name
IRISH firms are fighting to register the first
pan-European Union internet domain names. Earlier this
year the European commission, after tortured
negotiations lasting six years, finally reached
agreement on the introduction of the pan-European
domain name, ?.eu?. Companies all over the continent
are now gearing up for the introduction of the
so-called ?sunrise period?, a four-month window during
which registration of the new address will be limited
to public companies and holders of trademarks. The
move is designed to prevent cybersquatters scooping up


jp: JPRS Commences an Effort to Eliminate the Risk
Caused by Improper Management of DNS Servers
Associated with JP Domain Names
On August 4, 2005, JPRS announced its commencement of
a major effort as the .JP registry to eliminate the
risk posed by improper management of DNS servers
associated with the registered JP domain names.

VeriSign Issues Quarterly Domain Name Industry Brief;
Overall Domain Name Registration Reaches New Record at
82.9 M (news release)
VeriSign released the VeriSign Domain Name Industry
Brief for the second quarter of 2005.  According to
the report, which highlights key industry data for
worldwide domain name activity, total domain name
registrations reached an all-time high of 82.9
million, representing an eight percent growth since
the first quarter of 2005 and a 28 percent increase
since the second quarter of 2004.







Verisign Digital Branding Bulletin ccTLD Update
The latest edition includes .ES ? Registry Announces
Dates, Details for Phase II Sunrise Period; .GR ?
Registry Launches IDNs, Changes Dispute Process; .HK -
Launches Test Phase for IDNs; .IN ? Registry Publishes
Dispute Resolution Process; .PK - New Sunrise Dates
for Second-Level Launch; .SG - Launches Test Phase for
IDNs; and .TW ? Second-Level Domains to Launch in


RIPE 51 registrations are now open
The RIPE 51 Meeting will take place from 10 - 14
October 2005 at the Krasnapolsky Hotel in Amsterdam,
the Netherlands. Registration for this meeting is now

ICANN At-Large Newsletter (June/July 2005)
In this issue: Action: Your input is needed on how to
introduce more domain names, Action: Internet
governance report open for comments, Meeting:
Asia-Pacific At-Large groups to gather in Taipei on
August 24, Information: Steps you should take to guard
against domain name hijacking, Information: At-Large
actions at recent ICANN Luxembourg meeting,
Information: .TRAVEL launched; .JOBS starting-up;
.MOBI approved.


nz: Business mentor: Making your mark in the world of
bright ideas
Q. We have a fantastic new product and need to create
a new brand around it. I presume we just get a domain
name, perhaps register the brand as a company name and
then start using that name as the brand on our


Website.com, property.com Sell for $750,000 Apiece
The market for resold domains continued to trend
higher with a series of spectacular deals this month.
Meanwhile, prices for first-time domain registrations
can't get much lower, with pricing unchanged at all
major providers this month.


Can a simple password stop domain name hijacking?
According to an ICANN report released last month, the
most effective means for attacking the integrity of
networks without necessarily even using a computer-
identity fraud for hijacking registered Internet
domain names - could be thwarted by registrars through
the implementation of a password exchanged between
registrars during a domain transfer.


Final decision on porn domain name for Internet is put
off a month
The Internet's key oversight agency agreed yesterday
to a one-month delay in approving a new ".xxx" domain
name after the U.S. government reported last week that
it had received "unprecedented" opposition to a
virtual red-light district.








DomainMart Refines Corporate Domain Management
Analytics (news release)
Value drivers for corporate domain management (CDM)
services have evolved from trust and operations to
valuation and acquisition negotiations. We outline the
domain name selection strategy and develop a value
metric for prioritizing the recovery process.


Switching to a New Domain Without Losing Your Google
You've got a site that needs a new domain. Maybe it's
a rebranding issue, or maybe it's a folder or
subdomain that has outgrown the current site. There
may be dozens of reasons why your currently indexed
and well-ranked site needs a new domain name.

Working group on Internet governance : Contributions
to discussions on the paper
A wide range of governments and organisations have
commented on the WGIG report from Europe, North
America, Africa, Asia, Australasia, Russia and more,
and all the comments are available online at


nz: INZ Response to the Final Report of the WGIG
The Internet Society of New Zealand Incorporated
(InternetNZ) has reviewed the Final Report of the UN's
Working Group on Internet Governance (WGIG), and
offers the following commentary.


NRO comments on the WGIG Report
The Number Resource Organization submitted the
following comments to the WGIG regarding its Final
Report presented on 18 July 2005. We, the Number
Resource Organization, congratulate the WGIG on their
work and understand that important conclusions are
represented from this report.

ICANN Comments to the WGIG Report


CDT Opposes Drastic Changes to Global Internet
In comments filed Friday, CDT urged United Nations
member states participating in the World Summit on the
Information Society not to jeopardize the future of
the free and open Internet by vastly increasing the
level of government involvement in Internet
management. CDT wrote the comments in response to a
report -- issued by the UN-commissioned Working Group
on Internet Governance -- that contains drastic
recommendations for changing the existing Internet
governance structure. CDT believes that the largely
non-governmental, bottom-up management structure
currently in place can be improved, but still provides
the best option for maintaining the openness,
stability and security of the Internet. August 15,


Sources include Quicklinks <http://qlinks.net/> and
BNA Internet Law News <http://www.bna.com/ilaw/>.


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