domain name, WSIS & Governance news - 11 August

domain name, WSIS & Governance news - 11 August

From: David Goldstein <goldstein_david§>
Date: Sun, 14 Aug 2005 21:38:04 +1000 (EST)
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Internet domain system open to fraudulent attack,
expert says
A large number of DNS servers, a critical part of the
Internet's infrastructure, are vulnerable to attacks
that could lead to widespread fraud, according to a
security researcher.,10801,103744,00.html

eu: 300 registrars sign up for .eu
With at least three months to go before the start of
the .eu sunrise period, more than 300 registrars have
already been accredited by EURid, the .eu registry

.eu domains: consultation on implementation of
Alternative Dispute Resolution
A public consultation on the practical implementation
of the ADR system for the .eu TLD is now open until 7

Apple buys NZ domain as download wars begin
Apple has moved a step closer to launching its
long-awaited iTunes online music store in New Zealand,
taking over the domain name from a
Dunedin businessman who first registered the web

First Australian IPv6 Summit - Canberra, Oct/Nov 05
Large-scale deployment of the Internet Protocol
Version 6 is being planned now in Asia, North America
and Europe. This new and more powerful protocol for
Internet technology offers substantial opportunities
for innovation, with inbuilt mobility, manageability
and security. Australian organisations must position
themselves to take advantage of the new opportunities
offered by IPv6, as innovative users of Internet
resources and developers of future ICT technology.

au: Network maps creative links
The largest global experiment to probe the beginnings
of the universe, the Atlas Project, will harness the
brains of 2000 international scientists and provide an
acid test for Australia's $79 million AARNet3
communications network.

ICANN Registry Services Changes – Final Report
Procedure for use by ICANN in considering requests for
consent and related contractual amendments to allow
changes in the architecture or operation of a gTLD
registry This procedure, developed through the GNSO
Policy Development Process, has been unanimously
adopted by the GNSO Council as a Supermajority
Recommendation for consideration and adoption by the
Board as Consensus Policy. The Final Report describing
this procedure has been posted since 10 July on the
GNSO web site. A final public comment period is now
opened in accordance with the ICANN Bylaws, Article 3,
Section 6. Following this period, the Recommendation
will be submitted to the Board for decision. The
deadline for comments is Friday 26 August 2005.
Comment can be made to
registry-services-report&#167; The archive of
comments is available at:

xxx: Registry Warns Against Sunrise Claims
ICM Registry released a statement on Monday refuting
the misleading claims of several other organizations
that the domain's "sunrise" or "landrush" period had

MarkMonitor launches .EU sunrise manager
MarkMonitor announced the launch of .EU Sunrise
Manager. The patent-pending solution is designed to
significantly streamline the process associated with
the identification of European trademarks, which are
required for the early registration of .EU names.

us: Who says there are no second acts?
Network Solutions, which used to run the Internet, now
wants to sell your homemade cheese. It's a strange
fate for a brand that used to represent the
government-designated domain name monopolist, but
Network Solutions CEO Champ Mitchell says helping
small-business owners build up a Web presence is
high-growth industry that has his company turning a

us: Vector wraps up
Faced with an investor uprising, Inc.
said Tuesday, August 9, it will go private in a deal
under which buyout shop Vector Capital Corp. will
acquire the Internet domain name registration company
for $202 million.

Selecting a Domain Name Registrar - How to Avoid
Getting Burned
When it comes to registering your domain name you want
to pick a domain name registrar that will work with
you, help you choose the best domain name, not
overcharge you, and provide you with all of the
information you need to make the best possible
decisions regarding your registrar account.

Kingsoft Regains Lost Domain Names
Kingsoft has won back, through a purchase and an
arbitration, its .CN domain names and

ICANN returns .iq domain to Iraq
ICANN has decided to give control of Iraq's .iq domain
name to an Iraqi government body, the National
Communications and Media Commission (NCMC).

EU says how it will negotiate on internet governance
at World Summit
This summit should reach an international consensus on
two key unresolved issues from the first phase:
Internet governance and financial mechanisms for
bridging the digital divide between developed and
developing countries. The European Commission has now
adopted a communication outlining the EU’s priorities
for the Tunis meeting.

Australia alone in net war
AUSTRALIA risks being sidelined by powerful voting
blocs in the upcoming World Summit on the Information
Society, as the US battles the European Union and the
developing world over control of the internet.,7204,16194827%5e16123%5e%5enbv%5e,00.html

Regime Change on the Internet: Conference Notes
"Regime Change on the Internet? Internet Governance
after WGIG" was the first public event held in the
United States on July 28, 2005 to review the UN
Working Group on Internet Governance (WGIG) report.
Here are my notes from the event: "Markus Kummer,
Executive Coordinator, UN Working Group on Internet
Governance, reminded the audience that the mandate of
the WGIG was specifically articulated by the first
part of the WSIS - "To investigate and make proposals
for action as appropriate". It was not for sweeping
regime change as the conference title would suggest."

Robert Guerra's Comments on the WGIG report
Robert Guerra has posted his comments on the WGIG
report on his blog. He has made a table on the
"Identifying public policy issues that are relevant to
Internet Governance" that simplay lays out the Issue,
the Key Actor involved, the Issues and Proposals. And
it's very comprehensive.

Internet Mark 2 Response to UN WGIG Report
The biggest weakness the Internet Mark 2 Project sees
in the report is that it does not convey an
understanding of what the Internet was, or what it
will be. This is characterised by the decision not to
address the history of the Internet, nor to attempt to
define the Internet in a definition of “Internet


Sources include Quicklinks <> and
BNA Internet Law News <>.


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