Re: [DNS] domain name, WSIS & governance news - 8 August

Re: [DNS] domain name, WSIS & governance news - 8 August

From: Bennett Oprysa <bennett§>
Date: Thu, 11 Aug 2005 10:03:27 +1000

the bit about .xxx below is incorrect. are scammers. The registry who will be running .xxx has 
not yet even finished their final contract negotiations with ICANN, nor 
finalised their rules and pricing and certainly has not appointed any 

More info at:


> XXX Domain Sunrise Period Begins
> announced it has launched its highly
> anticipated .xxx pre-registration Web site
> specifically catered to ICANN's recently approved .xxx
> top-level domain. .xxx is a sponsored TLD specifically
> for adult oriented Web sites that consent to industry
> standards.
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