domain name, WSIS & governance news - 1 Aug

domain name, WSIS & governance news - 1 Aug

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nz: Domain regulator ‘power hungry'
A website developer hit by sanctions from the Domain
Name Commissioner’s office says the regulator is a
"power-hungry bureaucracy gone mad."

Net addresses come down to Earth
One of the attractions of the internet is that it
seems to make distance and location irrelevant. No
matter where you are in the physical world as long as
you are online you are the same place as everyone else
in cyberspace. But lately that free-floating nature of
the net has started to break down.

Wayback Archives as a Law Tool
Carl Bialik from the WSJ writes "The Wayback Machine's
internet archive and Google's cached pages are
becoming indispensable tools for some lawyers,
especially specialists in intellectual-property law.
Dell has used copies of expired websites to get the
domain name transferred to it,
the Wall Street Journal reports.

Net visionary Vint Cerf looks to the stars
If the man behind the underlying communication
protocol of the Internet were young again and the Net
was already here, he would turn his focus to the

ICANN Vancouver 2005 website
The site for all the information for participants for
ICANN's Cancouver conference in November/December

us: Democrats target sex sites on Web
... The bill isn't the only legislation filed this
year on Internet sexual content. A group of House
members is proposing legislation that would make it a
crime to register a domain name that is intentionally
misleading -- such as using a children's TV show or
the name of a government institution such as the White
House for a site offering pornography.

When the Defendant is a Domain Name: The Power of In
Rem Proceedings Under the ACPA
A recent decision by a federal court in Virginia
illustrates some interesting legal issues that arise
from the global nature of the domain name system. It
also highlights a powerful mechanism under the
Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act ("ACPA") by
which a plaintiff can proceed with a legal action to
recover a domain name without regard to the court's
personal jurisdiction over the registrant.

Orange Bowl ICANN UDRP Case Explores Fair Use
The resale of genuine products presents particular
difficulties in domain name disputes, testing the
application of fair use doctrine. Several domain name
disputes involving the resale of event tickets
illustrate the point.

Mozilla Implements TLD Whitelist for Firefox in
Response to IDN Homographs Spoofing
Mozilla Foundation has announced changes to Firefox
concerning Internationalized Domain Names (IDN) to
deal with homograph spoofing attacks. According to the
organization, "Mozilla Foundation products now only
display IDNs in a whitelist of TLDs, which have
policies stating what characters are permitted, and
procedures for making sure that no homographic domains
are registered to two different entities."

EurID Says No Domain Resellers for .eu Names
EurID says registrars won't be allowed to sell .eu
domains through resellers.

"Reselling" of .eu domain name services (news release)

us: Larry King Wins UDRP Complaint from
In a decision released by WIPO today, CNN talk show
host Larry King received a favorable decision in his
case against the registrant of the domain name

Go Daddy Offers Group Calendar
GoDaddy announced on Thursday it has released Online
Group Calendar, a service that enables users to share
their calendars, schedule meetings or events, send
invitations, manage resources and share files with
other group members via the Internet.

WSIS Deadlines for PrepCom3 and Tunis Summit:
Fellowships, Comments and Accreditation to Close Soon
A couple of deadlines are approaching fast for
participation and giving input to the upcoming WSIS
events. Participants and interested parties who want
to go to PrepCom3 in September, and entities who want
to comment on the recently published report of the
Working Group on Internet Governance (WGIG) or give
other input have to meet certain important dates.

The Future US Role in Internet Governance: 7 Points in
Response to the U.S. Commerce Dept.’s “Statement of
Principles”: Concept Paper by the Internet Governance
We applaud the attention Commerce Department officials
are giving to this critical issue. The NTIA’s
declaration is welcome as a formalization of current
US policy, in advance of the now-released report of
the UN Working Group on Internet Governance. However,
the debate has moved on, and so too must US policy. We
make 7 points below in response to the “Statement of
Principles” showing the direction we believe is in the
interests of the United States and the world.

US Under Pressure Over ICANN
The United States must accept the need for change in
Internet governance, a group of academic experts on
Internet policy stated today. The U.S. should assert
leadership by advancing new proposals for cooperating
with other countries in the oversight and supervision
of Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers
(ICANN), and by supporting the development of a global
framework treaty that will protect the Internet's
unique freedoms while working jointly to resolve its
problems. (audio)

Gab to determine Philippine stand on Internet
SOME 70 key players from the Mindanao’s information
and communications technology sector are set to
converge at the conference room of the Mindanao
Economic Development Council (MEDCo) today  to define
the Philippine’s position on Internet governance, in
line with the effort to promote an ICT-based economy
in the island-region.

U.N. Internet summit draws rights groups' fire
A United Nations organization created to settle
disputes between the world’s broadcast and
telecommunications giants is preparing this summer for
one of its most important, and possibly most
contentious meetings in decades: an Internet summit
aimed at giving the world a greater voice in the
governance of the World Wide Web, which to this point
has been handled primarily by the United States.

When Will The Internet Be Divided Among Nations?
The desired goal of most of the other countries other
than US is to end up with their own local language
suffixes, own local language domain names, basically
their own Internet, with its own domain registration
policies -- in a nutshell, a very big and a very
complex global mess, indeed.

IGP on Future U.S. Role in Internet Governance
On June 30, 2005, the United States Department of
Commerce National Telecommunications and Information
Administrtation (NTIA) released the "US Statement of
Principles on the Internet's Domain Name and
Addressing System." The Internet Governance Project
(IGP) has issued 7 points in response to the
"Statement of Principles" showing the direction
believed to be in the interests of the United States
and the world.

Calls to end US domination of the internet
WHENEVER you surf the web, send emails or download
music, an unseen force is at work in the background,
making sure you connect to the sites, inboxes and
databases you want. The name of this brooding
presence? The US government.

us: Academics Call For Internationalizing Internet
A group of academics on Friday called on the United
States to work toward establishing an international
body responsible for running the Internet.

NZ's IT contenders picked
New Zealand has chosen its contenders for the ICT
awards attached to the World Summit on the Information
Society, whose second major session is due to take
place later this year in Tunis.

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BNA Internet Law News <>.


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