Re: [DNS] Whois & Spam

Re: [DNS] Whois & Spam

From: Tony Owen <tony§>
Date: Thu, 21 Jul 2005 14:35:40 +0930

I think Bill has a valid point, but perhaps a bun fight isnt going to get 
anywhere lol

Although I see scope for registrars to impliment checks and balances while 
still making the info "publicly available" it would be better if moves for 
change came an "authoritive" body such as Auda

The risk of course is that it does become a bun fight ...

I personally loved the movie "What about Bob" with its "baby steps" theme.

ie ..

Does everyone agree that that if a sustainable, cost effective method to 
protect the whois database from spammers is worth pursuing ..

if so .. what would step 2 be ?

Auda being the policy makers probably should try to put together a forum 
where the matter could be discussed?

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