domain name, WSIS & governance news - 18 July

domain name, WSIS & governance news - 18 July

From: David Goldstein <goldstein_david§>
Date: Sun, 17 Jul 2005 22:19:56 +1000 (EST)
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au: Melb IT flags domain-name locking
Local domain registrar Melbourne IT has advised
customers that from August 4, it may lock the domains
that it sells in order to prevent unauthorised

ICANN warns world of domain hijacking
A report by the internet's leading security experts
has warned the world of the risk of domain name
hijacking and told the industry to pull its socks up.

The Net: who'll be in charge?
ICANN meets this week in Luxembourg. As usual, only a
relatively small group of government officials and
people connected to domain name businesses will pay
close attention to what transpires. That is a mistake.

ICANN blog: I don’t like Mondays [in Luxembourg]
More about the intriguingly small country of
Luxembourg, where ICANN is currently holding its
latest meeting. The euro nearly ruined it. Previously
the financial powerhouse of central Europe thanks to
its liberal banking laws, in pre-euro days huge
quantities of French, Belgians and Germans popped into
the country to deal in money. Taking their cut, the
Luxembourgers did very well.

ICANN Blog: Fear and redemption
I’m in Luxembourg attending the 23rd ICANN conference
in a big tin can in the sun. I spoke to someone from
the outside world last night and was surprised to find
I’d only been here two days. After another day in the
can, I may have to call them back to make sure it’s
now only three.

ICANN blog: De Lux appointment
What do you know about Luxembourg? If you’re anything
like me, very little. Which is perhaps appropriate
because Luxembourg is a very little country. When it
comes to main roads, there is such little room that
the country only manages to get up to A6. And I
haven’t found the A2 or A5 yet.

US govt interference is a big deal, says Europe
European internet registries are preparing a
fight-back against the US government following the
latter's surprise decision to keep overall control of
the "root zone file" that defines the internet's basic

Lextext in Luxembourg
Lextext have taken their blog to Luxembourg for the
ICANN meeting. They've included their reports on
meetings including some podcasts.

ICANN Ombudsman releases first Annual Report
In accordance with Bylaw V the ICANN Ombudsman, Frank
Fowlie, today presented the ICANN Board of Directors
with his Office's first Annual Report at the ICANN
meetings in Luxembourg. The report is available is
English, French, and German on the Office of the
Ombudsman Webpage. Spanish version will be available
on 18 July 2005.

ICANN SSAC Releases Domain Name Hijacking Report
The Domain Name Hijacking Report was commissioned in
response to both highly publicized hijacking events
and a number of lesser publicized events. The SSAC
found that domain name hijacking incidents are
commonly the result of flaws in registration and
related processes, failure to comply with the transfer
policy and poor administration of domain names. The
report recommends ten key actions including
implementation of improved auditing and compliance
measures, and additional measures to protect
registration information from misuse by would-be
hijackers, as well as implementation of emergency
procedures to assist in the urgent restoration of a
domain name.

Nominating Committee to Webcast Information Session
The ICANN Nominating Committee, which has issued a
call for Recommendations and Statements of Interest
from the Internet community as it seeks qualified
candidates for positions to assist in its technical
coordination role, will be webcasting a short session
on Wednesday 13 July at 16:00 UTC following the ICANN
Public Forum, to discuss the details of the Nominating
Process with interested parties. If you have questions
regarding the Nominating Committee that you would like
to be answered in the webcast session, please email
them to Luxembourg&#167; The link to join the
webcast is

nz: US comments on DNS 'no immediate threat'
A statement by the US Department of Commerce that it
intends to retain ultimate control of the internet
root system has created some excitement among US
technical media and commentators, but InternetNZ
international committee chairman Peter Dengate Thrush
sees no immediate threat to the planned shape of the

Bush administration annexes internet
An extraordinary statement by the US government has
sent shockwaves around the internet world and thrown
the future of the network into doubt.

eu: New .eu domain names up for grabs
Domain name firm NetNames has been appointed as one of
the first accredited registrars for the new
pan-European .eu domain.

ICANN approves '.mobi' domain name
ICANN has finally given the go-ahead for the mobile
industry to use the '.mobi' internet domain for
websites optimised for mobile viewing.,12597,1526335,00.html,7204,15902607%5e15306%5e%5enbv%5e,00.html

Do We Really Need A .mobi?
Corporate giants by the dozen teamed up in a Justice
League sort of way to procure a new Internet domain
specifically for mobile phone users. ICANN will
provide the registry service for the new .mobi domain,
even though nobody's sure if we really need it.

Arbitrators Back Google in Fight Against 'Typo
The arbitration was binding, and under the panel's
ruling, ICANN will now shut down the Web sites. The
ruling came under the Uniform Domain Name Dispute
Resolution Policy established by the ICANN as an
alternative to lengthy and costly lawsuits.

Google wins typosquatting ruling
Google has won a ruling from the National Arbitration
Forum giving it control of several domains which are
very similar to its own.

Blogs fueling boost in domain names
The Web log phenomenon is helping drive near-record
growth in Internet domains.

Will .net fees rise after 2006?
Owners of dot-net web addresses may face higher
registry fees in the future - but not until 2007.,39024667,39150225,00.htm

New registry operator sought for .aero TLD
Three years after the introduction of .aero, a
sponsored top-level domain reserved exclusively for
the world’s aviation community, and in view of the
approaching completion of the agreement with the
current registry operator agreement, SITA SC, the
sponsor of .aero, is seeking a new registry operator.

Ten Top Level Domains We Really Need
Here are new TLDs we really need on the web today –
let’s hope ICANN is listening:

Will the United Nations run the Internet?
An international political spat is brewing over
whether the United Nations will seize control of the
heart of the Internet.,2000061791,39201971,00.htm

tn: IFLA/FAIFE Protests Restrictions On Access to
Information in Run-Up to World Summit on the
Information Society
IFLA/FAIFE protests against restrictions on freedom of
access to information in Tunisia in the run up to the
World Summit on the Information Society

The Internets
I don't know how much deep thought was involved when
George Bush called the Internet "the internets" but
this reflects a real risk that we face today. If you
look at the traffic of many large countries with
non-English languages, you will find that the
overwhelming majority of the traffic stays inside the
country. In countries like China and Japan where there
is sufficient content in the local language and most
people can't or don't like to read English this is
even more so. I would say that the average individual
probably doesn't really notice the Internet outside of
their country or really care about content not in
their native language.


Sources include Quicklinks <> and
BNA Internet Law News <>.


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