domain name, WSIS & goverance news - Feb 17

domain name, WSIS & goverance news - Feb 17

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Date: Sun, 20 Feb 2005 13:17:05 +1100 (EST)
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Internet Pioneers Cerf and Kahn to Receive ACM Turing
ACM, the Association for Computing Machinery, has
named Vinton G. Cerf and Robert E. Kahn the winners of
the 2004 A.M. Turing Award, considered the "Nobel
Prize of Computing," for pioneering work on the design
and implementation of the Internet's basic
communications protocols.,2000061733,39181506,00.htm

uk: Domain event 
Nominet's potentially controversial dispute resolution
service has proved to be a coup for its in-house legal

uk: Domain dispute puts question mark over UK
A dispute over ownership of "" could have
significant and far-reaching effects on e-commerce in

uk: Nominet responds to internet strategic plan
Nominet has responded to the strategic plan written by
internet overseeing organisation ICANN to pitch what
it sees as the future of the internet. In a four-page
letter [pdf] written last week by Nominet chief
executive Lesley Cowley to ICANN's chief exec Paul
Twomey, ICANN was given broad support but a number of
fundamental disagreements remain, particularly over

uk: Dispute over goes to appeal
The Game Group plc, the High Street and on-line games
retailer which trades as GAME, has won an arbitration
for the transfer of the domain name,
despite the generic nature of the name. The transfer
has been appealed.

uk: Internet scammer must pay 80,000
INTERNET fraudster "Weaselboy" has been ordered to pay
more than 80,000 to the .uk domain name registry

in: Domain squatters threat to '.in'
When the government gave its nod to the National
Internet Exchange of India (NIXI) to start registering
'.in' domains, it had obviously not foreseen the kind
of rush there could be to acquire the latest, and the
hippest, in Indian domain addresses.

in: .IN domain registration opens to the public 
The recently launched .IN country code Internet domain
name Registry services set up by the National Internet
Exchange of India (NIXI) has opened the real-time
registration for the general public from February 16,

ie: INEX to build In'tl Internet exchange 
Irish firm INEX is to develop its Irish Internet
infrastructure into an international exchange with the
help of IDA Ireland. 

Asia, a Potential of 100 Million New Domain Names in
Next 10 Years 
EuroDNS, one of Europe's leading Domain Name
Registrars, today announced the launch of to expand into the Asia/Pacific
region, the world's largest and fastest growing
Internet Market.

Firefox to Disable IDN Support as Phishing Defense
The Mozilla development team said today that it will
disable a browser feature that allows URL spoofing and
could leave users open to scams. Upcoming releases of
the Firefox and Mozilla browsers will turn off support
for Internationalized Domain Names (IDN) by default to
protect users from the spoofing, which works in
current versions of Firefox, Mozilla, Opera and the
Safari browser for Macs. The affected browsers support
IDN, while Microsoft's Internet Explorer does not.

5 mln domains registered in Q3 2004
Over 5 mln new domain names have been registered in Q3
2004, with 66.3 mln domain names currently registered
worldwide. The quarterly and total numbers are the
largest ever in Internet history. 

IDN Spoofing Solutions With Balance
Last week's tizzy about IDN (Internationalized Domain
Name) spoofing was an interesting exercise in watching
how people react to the unknown. The nearly-universal
response to the problem that had been described in
detail many years ago was "turn off IDNs" instead of
"assume that the people who created IDNs knew about
this, so let's do some research." The following is
based on my thoughts this week. For those of you who
are not familiar with my earlier work, I'm one of the
authors of the IDN standards. 

us: Spring man wins suit against The Woodlands over
A federal jury on Tuesday found that a former pizza
delivery man did not infringe on the trademark of The
Woodlands Land Development Corp. L.P. when he opened a
business directory Web site using the domain name 

us: Presque Isle Chamber website issue resolved 
The chamber of commerce had filed suit demanding that
Kim Bowler stop using the domain name,

Free `.info' domain registration by Kochi company
Accudata Networks, a Kochi-based IT company, has said
that it would offer domain name registration in the
`.info' series free of registration charges. However,
the company will charge a one-time processing fee of
Rs 100 for every domain created, a statement said.

GDI Introduces New Domain Extension - Dot WS (WebSite)
(news release)
Most of us remember when we signed up for our first
email address. It was an exciting new way to
communicate with others worldwide!

Cheapest Domain Registration & Hosting Is Not
Necessarily Best or Safest Route (news release)
Customers who purchase cheap domain names may be at
risk of domain theft and will likely be missing out on
important service and security features

RegistryPro's 'First Fifteen' Engineers Receive the
Exclusive Domain Name
.Pro Domain Launches Secure and Confidential Internet
Communication to Engineers Who Seek the Highest
Assurance in a Registry

India, EU to tackle burning telecom issues 
Both India and the European Union (EU) would jointly
address the telecom issues pertaining to security,
inter-operability, content and roaming in the next
joint working group (JWG) meeting to be held in May
2005. This was decided at a meeting of Minister of
Communications & IT Dayanidhi Maran with the EU
Commissioner Viviane Reding at Cannes in France. 

NGOs denounce Information Summit venue
Representatives of United Nations member states are
meeting in Geneva to prepare for the second phase of
the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS).

World Summit on the Information Society - bloggers and
cyber-dissidents offer advice
A preparatory meeting for the World Summit on the
Information Society began on 17 February in Geneva.
Reporters Without Borders is there with a delegation
of cyber-dissidents and bloggers in order to put a
face to the repression against Internet users in some
of the countries that will be parading at this
conference, and in order to present five
recommendations for online free _expression.


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BNA Internet Law News <>.


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