domain name news - January 3

domain name news - January 3

From: David Goldstein <goldstein_david§>
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us: FCC to Wireless Companies: Register Domain Names
The Federal Communications Commission issued new
Can-Spam rules this week requiring mobile service
providers to register the domain names they use for
wireless messaging by Jan. 21.

.IN domain name registration from January 1:-
Internet domain names having .IN (dot IN) can be
registered online from January 1 to generate more
internet traffic within the country which could
increase Net speed and reduce tariffs for subscribers. (news release)

Resolving Domain Name Disputes in Australia: A Brief
Overview of the auDRP 
and ORG.AU domain names are licensed subject to the
.AU Dispute Resolution Policy (“auDRP”), which aims to
provide an alternative to litigation for the
resolution of domain name disputes.

Fraudulent Charities Use Tsunami Pleas To Prey on
On eBay, sellers are hawking Pez dispensers, a gold
necklace, a stuffed mouse, and a "hand-carved" Buddha
statue with the promise that proceeds from the
auctions will go directly to charities assisting the
victims of the tsunami in Asia. Visitors to are directed to a crudely
constructed Web site with photographs of those who
appear to be tsunami victims and instructions urging
users to send relief packages and $10 checks to a P.O.
box in Germantown, Md. ... is one
of a number of sites with the word "tsunami" in their
domain names that have popped up on the Internet since
Sunday's disaster.

ICANN Extends Public Comment Period for ICANN
Strategic Plan
As resolved during the recent ICANN Annual Meeting in
Cape Town, South Africa, ICANN is extending the public
comment period on its Strategic Plan to 28 February,
2005. ICANN encourages all members of the community to
participate in this public comment forum.

Netcraft January 2005 Web Server Survey
In the January 2005 survey we received responses from
58,194,836 sites, a robust gain of 1.27 million sites
from the December survey.

China's first IPv6 network enters operation
China's first network based on IPv6 (Internet Protocol
version 6) formally entered operation on Saturday,
according to the China Education and Research Network
Information Center (CERNIC).,2000061791,39175926,00.htm

China Launches Next-Generation Internet
China says it will launch the first Internet Protocol
Version 6 network. CERNET2 initially links 25
universities in 20 cities, with plans to expand to 100
universities. IPv6 greatly expands the number of
available IP addresses, overcoming a potential
shortcoming of current Internet technology.

cn:  Shanghai is the first new top-level node for
China's Internet domain name system
The Ministry of Information Industry and the China
Internet Network Information Centre (CNNIC) held the
"Shanghai node of country code top-level domains
(ccTLDs) signing ceremony" in the city on 21 December
2004 launching it as the first top-level node in the

cn: Former that's magazines owner sells domain names
and websites to Asiaxpat 
Mark Kitto, founder and former owner of "That's
Group," a leading English life style magazine group in
China, has transferred his ownership of the "that's"
domain names, websites, as well as all information and
data on the sites, to Asiaxpat (,
Kitto told Interfax.

Expired Domain Network Offers Traffic
ExpiredDomainTraffic.Net announced on Wednesday that
it has introduced a new offering designed to drive
traffic to customers' Web sites.

UAE working with other countries to develop Arabic
domain names
UAEnic, the entity which oversees domain name issues
in the country, is working with counterparts in Saudi
Arabia and Qatar to develop domain names in the Arabic
language, confirmed a top official.

The NRO Executive Council (EC) as of January 1 2005
The members are Axel Pawlik (RIPE NCC), Raúl
Echeberría (LACNIC), Ray Plzak (ARIN) and Paul Wilson

East Timor (.TP) 
The East Timor Registry is no longer accepting new .TP
registrations. A new TLD, .TL, which represents the
official name for East Timor, Timor-Leste, will
replace it.

Verisign Digital Branding Bulletin
The October/November edition of the Verisign Digital
Branding Bulletin is now available.

“Key Issues in Greek Domain Name Registrations” by
Stelios Stafylakis 
December’s guest column examines key issues
surrounding .GR – the country-code Top-Level Domain
for Greece. They include: registration requirements
and exceptions, the dispute resolution process; and
the complex issues around language in .GR

Verisign Digital Branding Bulletin
The December edition of the Verisign Digital Branding
Bulletin is now available.

Finland (.FI)  
The Finnish government has put forward a proposal
that, if enacted, would make significant amendments to
the Domain Names Act, which became law on September 1,

Nauru (.NR) 
Registration requests for Nauru are now being accepted
for the following extensions: .COM.NR, .ORG.NR,

Puerto Rico (.PR) 
Puerto Rico has recently launched the following new
extensions: .INFO.PR, .BIZ.PR, .NAME.PR, .PRO.PR, and

Palau (.PW) 
Open registrations for third-level .PW domains began
on December 15, 2004.

French Southern and Antarctic Lands (.TF)  
AFNIC is the new registrar for .TF, the French
Southern and Antarctic Lands.

Traffic from expired domains
Expiring domain names after their deletion could be
used to drive traffic to web-sites. Internet company
from California ExpiredDomainTraffic.Net announced on
Wednesday that it has introduced such service to their

Stratton Sclavos, CEO, VeriSign
Stratton SclavosThis year, VeriSign extended its reach
into the networked world. While the company is
involved in a bewildering array of endeavors, from
secure e-commerce transactions to domain name
registration to selling ringtones (via the recently
acquired Jamba), its elevator pitch is that it
provides "a layer of intelligence on the network."

my: Qinetics expects more than 1,000 resellers
QINETICS Solutions Bhd, a leading provider of
outsourced registration services for domain names, is
confident of expanding its network of resellers to
more than 1,000 globally by next year.

EasyLink sells domain names
EasyLink Services Corp. has entered an agreement to
sell, for $1 million, a number of domain names it owns
that are not part of its core business.

Time For ICANN to Reign In Out-of-Control Registrars  

Reliable inexpensive registrars deserve a lot of
credit for the current record-breaking demand for new
registrations and the vibrant trade we’re seeing in
the domain aftermarket. Companies like Enom and
GoDaddy have made it easy and affordable for anyone to
acquire their own domain name and immediately manage
it through a consumer friendly control panel.

No Holiday Break: Domain Buyers Kept Spending
Christmas Week
We fully expected to see a big slowdown in domain
sales this past week. Many offices closed early so
employees and executives could hit the road for the
Christmas holidays. However, it looks like a lot of
buyers stayed close to home, or at least close to
their computers, so they could keep entering purchase
orders. While we didn't see the depth of activity we
usually do there was no shortage of significant sales,
including 7 in the five-figure range.

New Domain Reseller Program Launched By, a domain name registration and
web services provider, yesterday released a Reseller
site that will allow anyone to re-sell Domain Names
and web site services.


Sources include Quicklinks <> and
BNA Internet Law News <>.


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