domain name news - October 11

domain name news - October 11

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Date: Thu, 14 Oct 2004 23:06:03 +1000 (EST)
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de/us: Berlin wrests control of German website name
from US neo-Nazi
Berlin has won a case against American neo-Nazi Gary
Lauck for control of an internet domain name and is
waiting out the compulsory 10-day notice period to
close down the website, officials said in Berlin on

us: Media group's court filings seek rights to Web
The company that operates the Web site has
asked a Clark County District Court judge to permit it
to purchase the rights to use the rival
domain name.

Cybersquatters Say Soros Redirect Was Act of Goodwill,
Not Commerce
The company that bought the domain name
and redirected browsers to the site of financier
George Soros after U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney
mistakenly referred his listeners to the site, as reported earlier, is in no way affiliated
with George Soros.

uk: OSG buys .coop domain name
OXFORD, Swindon & Gloucester Co-op has completed the
purchase of the .coop domain name registrar and
registry operator businesses from Poptel Ltd.

8m '.de' domains registered
DENIC, the central registry for the German top-level
domain (TLD), ".de", has received more than 8m
applications for the registration of the domain.

Acht Millionen .de-Domains registriert (news release)

Sipence Grabs 1 Million .info Domains, Sparking
Domain owners are protesting a move by eNom to
register the .info equivalents of nearly a million
.com domains owned by its customers. Domain name
statistics show that eNom registered 950,000 domain
names between Sept. 27 and Oct. 4.

Closed Chechen Web site reopens out of Finland
A Web site used by a Chechen warlord to claim
responsibility for last month's school siege in Russia
has come back online based out of Finland, three weeks
after Lithuania shut it down following pressure from

us: Web blunder boosts Bush bashers
A slip of the tongue by Dick Cheney has given a boost
to anti-Bush campaigners.,1,6868795.story
Dick Cheney se trompe de nom de domaine

ph: Cebu Internet conference to focus on VoIP, IPv6
In the coming Asian Internet Interconnection
Initiatives (AI3) to be held in Cebu City,
international research institutions on Internet
technologies will focus on developing and enhancing
voice-over-IP (VoIP)for distance learning and
institutional collaboration, as well as the wide
deployment of the new Internet Protocol version 6

ca: CIRA Suspends Certification of Canadian Consulting
& Online Services Inc.
In accordance with the CIRA Registrar Agreement CIRA
has suspended the certification of Canadian Consulting
& Online Services Inc. until further notice.  As a
result, Canadian Consulting & Online Services Inc. is
no longer able to process any transactions as a CIRA
Certified Registrar.

dotFM Registry Offers Free .TV Domain Names
dotFM, the .FM top-level domain (TLD) Registry,
announced today a special offer of a free .TV domain
name with the purchase of a .AM and .FM Domain Name.

Neulevel Launches Non-English .Biz Domain Names
Globally (news release)
NeuLevel, the operator of the secure, world-class .BIZ
Registry, announced that it will begin offering
international domain names (IDN) for the .BIZ
Registry. The first non-English characters being
introduced are in the German language. Registration
opens on Tuesday, October 12, 2004 at 9:00 a.m. US
EDT. (13:00 GMT)

VeriSign to Host European Domain Forum in Frankfurt,
Germany (news release)
Sessions Will Highlight Current Industry Trends in
Internet Usage; Security and Phishing Issues; Domain
Registration Trends; and Internet Engineering and
Capacity Issues Launches 'Open Listing Service' to Support
Registrar-Based Re-Sale, Auctioning of Internet Domain
Names (news release), a leading provider of Web domain name
backordering services, today announced a new "Open
Listing Service" (OLS) to provide ICANN-accredited
registrars of any size and any registrant the
opportunity to sell or buy domains for the highest
value and with the best rights protection in a
competitive, open-market, open-architecture
environment. The OLS is a technology platform and set
of market services that support the resale, auctioning
and re-registration of domain name addresses.


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Internet Law News (".


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