domain name news - 23 August

domain name news - 23 August

From: David Goldstein <goldstein_david§>
Date: Wed, 25 Aug 2004 12:25:40 +1000 (EST)
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us: Footing the Big Brother webtap bill
On 9 August 2004, the US Federal Communications
Commission (FCC) took a major step toward mandating
the creation and implementation of new Internet
Protocol standards to make all Internet communications
less safe and less secure. What is even worse, the
FCC's ruling will force ISP's and others to pay what
may amount to billions of dollars to ensure that IP
traffic remains insecure.

uk: Nominet wins important legal victory in Data
Mining Case
Nominet has succeeded in obtaining injunctions against
three Australian companies and one individual for
their parts in a data mining attack on the Nominet
register and for issuing misleading registration

Reminder/Notice: Effective Dates for New Consensus
This announcement serves as a notice and reminder
regarding the effective dates and details of several
new Consensus Policies. ICANN announced these policies
previously to accredited registrars and gTLD Registry
Operators (as applicable).

sg: New domain format keeps URLs simple
ENTREPRENEUR Turodrique Fuad wants another one,
although he already has two. Mr Fuad, who runs fashion
label Local Brand, already has two domain names
registered, a .net and a, but thinks a new .sg
domain name will be more memorable and good for his
company’s branding.

UK looks to merge telephones and the Internet
The UK government is investigating whether to
introduce a public database that links telephone
numbers to IP addresses.,2000061791,39157009,00.htm

uk: DTI consults on plan to link your phone numbers,
locations, identities, emailCentral Government
The DTI is opening a consultation on a potentially
'big brother'-ish plan to link all information about
UK electronic communications - making a person's
telephone numbers, internet locations, identities &
email addresses a searchable dataset.

ca: Porn link leads to $4,000 fine
A court in British Columbia has fined an internet
company $4,000 for associating the name of the
provincial law society with a pornographic web site.

Averting the Internet Meltdown
A call to action went out: a small, California-based
organization called People for Internet Responsibility
(PFIR) posted an announcement for an urgent conference
– “Preventing the Internet Meltdown.” The meltdown
that PFIR envisioned was not an impending technical
malfunction or enemy attack. Instead, conference
organizers foresaw “risks of imminent disruption” to
the Internet that would come from an unlikely sector:
government officials and bureaucrats working on the
unglamorous-sounding problems of Internet Governance.

Will Yahoo Shake Up Domain Pricing Trends?
Will Yahoo's new $9.95 domain pricing prompt any other
major players to adjust their pricing? Domain prices
have been stable in recent months, a trend that
continued when Yahoo dropped its pricing from $35 a
year for a .com registration to $14.70 in late June.

Creative Mac users compete for free domain and site
Creative Macintosh computer users are invited to
compete for a free domain name and free Web site
hosting in a Mac-friendly contest sponsored by
Jumsoft, a provider of Apple Keynote themes and
objects applications. Offers Free Domain Name Appraisals
(news release)
Domain name research firm Zetetic is offering free
domain name appraisals at in exchange
for reporting a domain name or web site sale or

ca: CIRA Board of Directors Meeting:
The agenda for the September 13, 2004 meeting is now

Novedades en el NIC .AR
El día de hoy se ha publicado el resumen de Novedades
del NIC Argentina (.AR)

LACNIC VII: Inscripciones abiertas para LACNIC VII /
Inscrições abertas para o LACNIC VII
El período de registraciones para asistir al LACNIC
VII está abierto. Si se inscribe antes del 12 de
octubre obtendrá una bonificación en el costo de

.BO un paso adelante.
El NIC .BO ha cambiado este fin de semana su
presentación web, asimismo ha cambiado su logo. La
nueva página permite un mayor información e incluye
nuevos servicios, que hacen de esta página web la más
nueva entre los ccTLD's de Latinoamerica. Asimismo ha
habido una reducción en el costo de registro de
nombres de dominio bajo .bo


Sources include Quicklinks ( and BNA
Internet Law News (".


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