domain name news - 19 August

domain name news - 19 August

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Date: Mon, 23 Aug 2004 16:27:44 +1000 (EST)
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Yahoo cuts Web parking fees
Securing a domain name through Yahoo will be cheaper,
the company has announced.,39020372,39163883,00.htm

au: Melbourne IT sees revenue up
INTERNET domain name company Melbourne IT expects to
deliver 20 per cent growth in revenue for calendar
2004 after today reporting a jump in half year net

sg: Singapore opens up second-level Web addresses
Companies and individuals will soon be able to host
their Web sites at shorter and simpler addresses like,39001143,39190163,00.htm,4390,267409,00.html

nz: Minutes of NZOC Meeting - 9 August 2004
The minutes of the NZOC meeting held on 9 August 2004
are available at tent/minutes_NZOC_9_Aug_04.pdf 

nz: Members of WHOIS Working Group
The .nz Oversight Committee (NZOC) has selected the
members of the working group to review the .nz Whois
Policy. Members of the working group are:

us: Limo company defends its domain name
A simple misspelling, or confusion over a company’s
exact name, can send a potential client on a goose
chase all over the Internet, portaling them to Web
addresses across the country, or even worse, into the
arms of a competitor.

us: Want .gov? That'll be $125.
State and local governments must now pay before taking
advantage of a year-old General Services
Administration decision to loosen the federal
government's exclusive hold on the .gov domain name.

Open Ends: Civil Society and Internet Governance -
Part II
This is the second part of a three-part series
interview by Geert Lovink with Jeanette Hofmann,
policy expert from Germany, where she talks about her
experiences as a member of the ICANN's Nominating
Committee and her current involvement as a civil
society member of the German delegation for the World
Summit of the Information Society (WSIS).

A Closer Look at the Domain Name Controversy
Every time an individual logs on to the Internet a
pornographer is able to copy the stream of digital
bits created by the computer user's Internet
connection. The data bits are used to compile a
database of information about Internet user buying
habits and sexual tastes.

Averting the Internet Meltdown
A call to action went out: a small, California-based
organization called People for Internet Responsibility
(PFIR) posted an announcement for an urgent conference
- "Preventing the Internet Meltdown."

NTC releases guidelines on PH Internet domain
THE National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) on
Friday released the implementing rules and guidelines
on the administration of the PH country code top level
domain (ccTLD). Sells for $225,000 To Seal The Strongest Week
of Domain Sales So Far in '04!
Last week we told you the late breaking sale of would likely lead this week's Top Ten chart. After all, only a handful
of reported sales have topped that $168,000
transaction this year. So who could have guessed that
deal would end up a distant second once all of the
data from the past 7 days was in?!

Domain name and shame
Can you spot the difference between the following two
URLs: and That's right, one has
a suffix, the other a To the
uninitiated that probably means little, but more savvy
internet users will know that the former is an
official government URL, which can only be registered
by the chaps from Westminster, while the other - a domain - could easily be registered by anyone,
from the government itself to a bored student. Which,
indeed, it was.

Sue a Spoofer Today
Spoofers forge e-mail headers to make spam look
respectable. ISIPP wants to make them pay.

New domain format keeps URLs simple
ENTREPRENEUR Turodrique Fuad wants another one,
although he already has two.


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