Re: [DNS] Interesting -

Re: [DNS] Interesting -

From: Kim Davies <kim§>
Date: Wed, 18 Aug 2004 20:42:31 +0800
Quoting Dassa on Wednesday August 18, 2004:
| On a side issue, are non-ICANN gTLD domains acceptable for use in domain
| contact email addresses for Australian domains?  The dot biz domain is not
| reachable by my systems like my dot dhs domain is not reachable by most
| others.

I am going to go out on a limb and say they are not acceptable if you
want to be contacted "at any time", which section 4.3 of the WHOIS
policy (2002-08) states is necessary:

   4.3 It is necessary for the WHOIS data to include a contact email
   address for the registrant, for purposes of contacting the registrant in
   case of technical problems with the domain name, or notifying the
   registrant that a complaint has been filed against them under the .au
   Dispute Resolution Policy. The registrant does not have to nominate
   their own personal email address, but they must nominate an email
   address at which they can be contacted at any time.

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