domain name news - 12 August

domain name news - 12 August

From: David Goldstein <goldstein_david§>
Date: Sun, 15 Aug 2004 21:29:09 +1000 (EST)
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Reverse Domain Name Hijacking - - WIPO
The Panel found this to be a case of Reverse Domain
Name Hijacking.

nz: Second chance in name game
It seemed like a good idea at the time - whipping in
to register that domain with the generic name, or the
"almost" trademark - the first place any web surfer
would look.

us: Falwell wins lawsuit against gay activist Web site
with similar name
A judge has ruled that a gay activist must stop using
a variation of the Reverend Jerry Falwell's name in
the address for a Web site that criticizes the
outspoken minister.

us: Florida tourism agency buys its Web address
Visit Florida Inc., the state government's nonprofit
tourist marketing agency, has finally secured the
online address that bears its name. The price for was $186,000.

ICANN Nominating Committee Extends Deadline for
In response to community feedback, ICANN’s Nominating
Committee (NomCom) announced today it has extended its
deadline for Statements of Interest to 25 August 2004
(12:00 GMT).

GNSO Finalized Criteria Recommendation for Designation
of Subsequent .net Registry Operator
The GNSO has finalized its recommendation to ICANN
regarding the criteria to be applied in the selection
of a subsequent registry operator for .net. The final
report was approved by the GNSO Council at their
teleconference on 5 August 2004, as a consensus
statement by more than a two-thirds majority vote.

Only the sunniest optimist could argue that Internet
governance, already utopian, needs no improvement.
Take a look, for example, at the continually
incendiary relationship between ICANN and Verisign; or
the enduring article of faith that American spooks can
back-door any system on the Internet; or the
mostly-thwarted but still reprehensible attempts at
land-grabbing Enum; or the ineradicable scourge of
spam; or the growing number of IETF standards which
are owned, partly or in full, by the merchant princes
of the US patent world.

VeriSign condemns "misguided" ICANN findings
VeriSign Inc has come out swinging at the Internet
Corp for Assigned Names and Numbers, calling the
organization's condemnation of VeriSign's Site Finder
service "misguided and wrong-headed". One of the Last Great Domain Names Up for
Sale; After Twelve Years the Domain Name is
Available in Auction Starting August 23, 2004
The domain name will go to auction next week
after being undeveloped for 12 years. The owners have
decided to sell the name via public online auction on, the top player in domain name sales.

ca: Oops! Did Microcell forget to pay its domain name
Users were unable to access the Fido Web site for
several hours Monday because Microcell Communications
may have failed to renew the domain name, a registrar

Ticketmaster defeats cybersquatter (reg req'd)
Ticketmaster has successfully secured the transfer of
108 domain names after a WIPO panellist ruled that
they had been registered and used in bad faith.

Greek ISP snaps up otenet pair
After more than six years, MPC Group has finally
released its strangle hold on two domain names that
have provided a growing amount of traffic to a
smattering of websites operated by MPC Trading USA,
Inc., publishers of OfficialWire. to VoIP Providers : Don't Stay on your
Islands (news release), the integrated Voice Over IP (VoIP) package
for Internet Service Providers now offers existing
VoIP providers the possibility to interconnect using
ENUM technology, allowing their users to communicate
with customers of different providers, for free.


Sources include Quicklinks ( and BNA
Internet Law News (".


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