Re: [DNS] AUDA chaos

Re: [DNS] AUDA chaos

From: Mike <mjr§>
Date: Sun, 15 Aug 2004 08:50:24 +0930
Hi All,

I was going to wait a few more days before I asked onlist the same 
question I put to the auda email address, but seeing how only some of my 
questions normally get answered, I may as well make the question public...

What can a person do if they want a domain that they know to be 
fraudulently registered..

So..for the sake of clarity...
If I want to register domain or and I know that the domain registrant has a 
bodgy ABN, how do I go about registering the domain?

Who do I make a comlaint to?
Who do I apply for the domain to?
Do I just go to my friendly neighbourhood reseller,or do I have to get a 
ruling from AUDA first?
What is the correct procedure?

Again, for clarity's sake, the ABN detail I'm referring to is not an 
expiry, but a clear fraudulent entry..

I'm also wondering if a script is in place to check if a compny has a 
corresponding ABN/ACN when registering a domain...and if it's not, then 
why not?

Especially if it is a requirement of a or registration....


magic2147&#167; wrote:
> Whois now shows as
> "Domain Name: 
> Last Modified: 13-Aug-2004 07 
> Registrar ID: R00001-AR 
> Registrar Name: auDA 
> Status: INACTIVE 
> Registrant: THE MANAGER 
> Registrant ID: 
> Registrant ROID: C0841341-AR 
> Registrant Contact Name: THE MANAGER 
> Registrant Email: shawkes&#167; 
> Tech ID: C0841341-AR 
> Tech Name: THE MANAGER 
> Tech Email: shawkes&#167; 
> If your Registrar appears as auDA, the Australian Domain Administration, you must 
> transfer your domain name to one of the following Registrars located at 
> (To further understand this instruction 
> please visit for relevant 
> information)"
> So why are "shawkes" and/or the UWA getting special treatment here? Why is the 
> registrar showing as auDA - wasn't all this supposed to be done and dusted by now? 
> (Has anybody still got the email Disspain sent out to registrants on the transfer away 
> from auDA shortly after that motley crew hijacked the .au domain space?)
> Note the email address appears to be invalid. Bunch of incompetents.
> What is going on here?
> cb
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