domain news - 25 March

domain news - 25 March

From: David Goldstein <goldstein_david§>
Date: Wed, 24 Mar 2004 23:32:21 +1100 (EST)
E-mail serfs, unite! How to cut the cord and win messaging
Drumroll please. I'm here to unfurl the E-Mail Declaration
of Independence. Article One: Your e-mail address should be
your personal property, not tied to your Internet service
provider, employer or school.

Build your own website: domain names
Domain names are the internet addresses that point people
to your website. "Just as postcodes are used for particular
street names, computers connected to the internet have
unique numerical addresses so that electronic information
is delivered to the right place," according to the UK
domain name registry, Nominet UK.

DotComGuy auctioning off his name
Mitch Maddox, who legally changed his name to DotComGuy in
1999 and got lots of media attention because of a yearlong
Internet stunt, is selling his trademark name.,1227,262583-1-454,00.html

Ten New Sponsored TLD Applications Received
ICANN today announced that, in response to a request for
proposals, it has received ten applications for new
sponsored top-level domains (sTLD's).

ICANN to Review 10 Top-Level Domain Name Proposals
The Internet Corp. for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)
on Friday announced it has received proposals for 10 new
sponsored top-level domains (sTLDs). The new categories
include support for mobility, regions and

You May Be Thinking ".COM"....... But Could This Be More
Suddenly, domain names like ".MUSIC" and ".SEXY" are
proving popular and previously unheard of websites such as
"www . frustrated.genius", www. anti.aging and www. mini.mi
are springing up across the world. A new dimension has been
added to the Internet that anyone can use virtually without
restriction. Its not ICANN nor its alternative, instead
think of a conjunction with the current domain name system.

Internet Governance: A Discussion Document by George
Sadowsky, Raul Zambrano, Pierre Dandjinou
This paper is aimed primarily at those issues that are of
importance and relevance to developing countries. A good
portion of what has been discussed using the label
"Internet governance" is perhaps of little relevance to
countries that have larger problems than, for example, how
top level global domain names are chosen or implemented.
Issues of education, health, employment, and
entrepreneurship among many others are central to
developing countries and directly related to the
achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).
ICTs, including the Internet are important to developing
countries to the extent that they can be key contributors
in helping to achieve those goals. The issues of
governance, policy and implementation vis-à-vis developing
countries matter because they allow for harnessing the new
technologies in a more effective fashion in targeting
social and economic goals.

Beyond ICANN vs. ITU? How WSIS tries to enter the new
territory of Internet Governance by Wolfgang Kleinwächter
The problem is, that technical and political aspects of
Internet Governance are interwoven in a way, that they can
not be separated by cutting the issue into two pieces. The
technical control of the root server system is linked to
the stability and security of the Internet, which is a
precondition for the functioning of the global economy. The
introduction of new Top Level Domains, while basically a
technical question of putting a zone file into the root, is
like the creation of “new territory in Cyberspace” and has
unavoidable economic and political implications. The
marriage between Mobile Telephony and Internet
Communication (ENUM) and the emergence of Internet
Telephony (VoIP) leads to the convergence of the “Internet
Numbering System” and the “Telephone Numbering System”
which creates conflicts between two different allocation
procedures: top down under the sovereignty of national
governments for telephone numbers vs. bottom up by global
private networks for IP numbers. Issues, which has been
discussed and decided within ICANN like Dispute Resolution
for Domain Names or the election/selection of
representatives for individual internet users have a
political component.

Making Sense of "Internet Governance": Defining Principles
and Norms by Milton Mueller, John Mathiason, Lee W.
This paper is intended to contribute to the United Nations
Working Group process for defining Internet Governance. The
paper proposes a concise definition of Internet governance;
enumerates existing Internet governance regimes; showing
where some of them intersect or overlap; identifies basic
principles about the Internet and articulates norms derived
from those principles. Most importantly for the United
Nations and other actors, it provides a structured way to
come to an agreement on whether new Internet governance
arrangements are needed and if so, how they should be

Governance of IP-Based Next Generation Networks - A New
Aspect of Internet Governance by Rainer Händel, Siemens
The currently enforced discussion of Internet governance,
stimulated by the recent World Summit on the Information
Society (WSIS), has mainly addressed the "classical"
Internet issues such as IP address and domain name
management, anti-spam and anti-cybercrime measures etc.
IP-based networks are being evolved, however, to a new
concept dubbed NGN which stands for Next Generation

United Nations Information and Communication Technologies
Task Force Global Forum on Internet Governance
Provisional Session Structure
For more papers see:

The World Meets the Internet
Representatives from a wide spectrum of government,
intergovernmental, private and what was termed "civil
society" organizations met at Geneva in December 2003 at
the first phase of the World Summit on the Information
Society (WSIS) to discuss the challenges and opportunities
presented by information and communication technologies
(ICT), in particular the Internet. In many ways, it was an
effort by the world community to begin defining the digital
agenda for the future. The primary focus was on use of the
Internet in meeting the needs of the least advantaged and
marginalized groups in society, but there may be more
profound effects stemming from this endeavor. Policies
adopted with an Internet agenda in mind may also have an
impact on future national and international laws and
policies in areas such as frequency allocations,
intellectual property rights, learning environments and
methodologies, provision of financial aid, cyber security,
spam, privacy, trade, taxation, and, more generally, the
management and dissemination of information.

au: Melbourne IT buys Cogent
Local domain name seller Melbourne IT has acquired European
brand manager Cogent IPC in a deal worth $4.5 million.,7204,9004271%5e16123%5e%5enbv%5e,00.html

The Internet: Who's in charge?
Who should run the Internet? It's no longer merely an
academic question. Since 1998, responsibility for
overseeing domain names and addresses has rested with the
Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers
(ICANN), a nonprofit group based in Marina Del Ray, Calif.

Questions About Domain Name Game
The head of an oversight board for Internet addresses
acknowledged Thursday that his group may have rejected
qualified proposals when it approved seven new domain names
last year. But Vinton Cerf, chairman of the Internet
Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, said the goal
"was not to have a contest and pick winners."

Go Daddy broadens its domain
Go Daddy Software is getting into the SSL web server
certificate business, with a cut-price offering it hopes
will let it do to the SSL market what it did for the domain
names market - grow fast at the expense of the incumbents.
But gaining market share isn't all down to price.

Afilias Opens Registrations for .INFO German Script Domains
Afilias, a global provider of Internet domain name registry
services, announced Wednesday that it has opened
registration for .INFO German script internationalized
domain names (IDNs), which now enables Internet users to
register Web addresses containing the German characters ä,
ö, and ü. Afilias opened registration yesterday evening. As
of 13:00 UTC (08:00 a.m. EST) on 17 March, over 13,000
German script IDNs were registered, the first of which was

ISC confirms BIND vulnerabilities
Following what was described as a 'maintenance release' of
the latest version of BIND, the Internet Software
Consortium has admitted that flaws in the earlier software
mean the update is 'strongly recommended',39020387,2131436,00.htm

Commentary Advocating Auction of Top Level Domains
"Based on the telecommunications experience, the best
method for ICANN to allocate new Top Level Domains would be
to conduct an auction. Many auction designs are possible.
One proposal is to auction a fixed number of new Top Level
Domain slots each year. This proposal would both expand the
root resource at a reasonable pace and insure that the
slots went to their highest and best use. Public interest
Top Level Domains could be allocated by another mechanism
such as a lottery and their costs to ICANN could be
subsidized by the proceeds of the auction."

ICANN and Iraq: Suffering Along
I thought of ICANN yesterday when reading about the
devolution of the Iraqi Governing Council, which managed to
unite for just a moment to approve a constitution with
about the half-life of lutetium. ICANN and the IGC: two
institutions put in charge of ill-behaved constituencies
and stuck in chronic failure mode. Could anything be
learned by examining them at arm's length? Indeed,
different as they are, their histories contain several
common elements.

Registrars: Is your domain name secure?
Over the last few months 9 out of 13 root servers that
provide the infrastructure for the internet domain names
system have gone down due to hacker attacks. Although the
remaining servers were capable of coping with naming
resolutions, it was a scary time for all.

ca: Get Out of My Namespace
A Canadian businessman known as Jeff Burgar, living in High
Prairie, a small town in Alberta, owns lots of names in
dot-com territory. He registered J.R.R. Tolkien's name as
an Internet domain in 1996 and held on to JRRTOLKIEN.COM
until this year, when a panel of the World Intellectual
Property Organization (WIPO) took it away from him.

RIPE NCC General Meeting May 2004
The RIPE NCC Executive Board has announced that the next
General Meeting will be held adjacent to the RIPE 48
Meeting in Amsterdam on Friday, 7 May 2004 from 14:00 to

RIPE NCC is a Member of the NRO:
Number Resource Organization signs MoU with AfriNIC
Regarding Start-Up Finances
NRO Reply to ICANN on Proposed ASO MoU (pdf)

RIPE RRC11 - NYIIX - New York
RRC11 is located at the New York International Internet
Exchange It is the twelfth RRC to come on line and has been
operational since February 2004. RRC11 has an interface on
the shared NYIIX medium (running both IPv4 and IPv6) and
collects routing information from all NYIIX members willing
to peer.

Is your Internet address secure?
Think your internet address is as safe as houses? You will
be in for a shock. Over the last few weeks 9 out of 13 root
servers that provide the infrastructure for the internet
domain names system have gone down due to hacker attacks.
Although the remaining servers were capable of coping with
naming resolutions, it was a scary time for all.

ICANN GNSO Registry Services Flow Charts
* Registry Service Approval Process
* Quick Look Process
* Detailed Review

ICANN GNSO Whois Task Force Meeting Minutes (16 March 2004)
* Task Force 2 held 8 March 2004
* Task Force 1 held 9 March 2004
* Task Force 3 held 10 March 2004

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