domain news - 6 November

domain news - 6 November

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Date: Wed, 5 Nov 2003 23:54:47 +1100 (EST)
.nz - Commerce Commission warns businesses over domain name
The Commerce Commission is warning businesses to beware of
an Australian-based company, which is apparently trying to
trick them into "buying back" their own Internet domain

Alert on second mail out from Domain Names NZ (news
The Commerce Commission is aware of a second mass mail out
by Australian-based company, Domain Names NZ, and strongly
urges that people look carefully at all details before
considering paying any sum requested.

Internet regulation - Time for UN intervention?
A regime change may topple ICANN, the controversial
internet regulator
WHEN Augustine arrived in Carthage, the saint found a
seething, bubbling cauldron of wickedness. A similar fate
has befallen the controversial internet address regulator,
ICANN (the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and
Numbers), which hosted its trimestrial public board meeting
this week in the Tunisian city. Five years after it was
founded as a quasi-private body with the backing of many
governments, ICANN now faces its most severe test. The
environment for which it was designed has radically
changed: the business of selling domain names collapsed;
governments are keener to oversee the internet; and ICANN
itself proved maladroit in carrying out its tasks. This
autumn, these three factors collided. How ICANN handles the
situation will determine whether the internet's core
infrastructure remains managed by industry rather than by
international treaty—and highlights the need to balance
stability and innovation.

Group lobbies for domain buyers' privacy
Individuals and small-business owners should be able to buy
domain names without being required to divulge their
mailing address, phone number and e-mail address, an
international coalition plans to say in a letter Tuesday

ICANN to Adopt New Domain Process
Existing Internet domains like "dot-com" and "dot-net"
could get some new company as early as 2005 under a policy
adopted by the the group that oversees the Internet's
addressing system.

ICANN Urged By Consumer Groups to Safeguard Privacy
More than 50 consumer and civil liberty organizations urged
ICANN ( president Paul Twomey to limit the use of
the WHOIS database to its original purpose – resolving
technical network issues – and to establish strong privacy
protection standards, in a letter sent Tuesday.

New domain name schedule gets OK
The Internet’s key oversight body approved a timetable
Friday for expanding the online addressing system that
could include domain names made up entirely of non-English

ICANN to give new gTLDs a new push
The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers
(ICANN) will launch a new initiative for enabling new
generic top level domains (gTLDs), the group announced
Friday after completing its week-long meeting in Carthage,

ICANN - Excerpt from Draft Version of Staff Manager’s
Issues Report for the Development of a Process for the
Introduction of New or Modified Registry Services
This excerpt from the Staff Manager’s Issues Report is
being posted in order to provide the ICANN community with
an opportunity to review the issues under consideration at
this time. The recent ICANN meeting in Carthage, Tunisia
was a rich source of information and discussion of the many
issues involved with the development of this Issues Report.
In order to fully reflect this information, the posting of
the full Issues Report will be postponed until no later
than 7 November 2003.

ICANN Announcement - ICANN Launches Broad Strategic
Initiative for New Generic Top-Level Domains
ICANN announced it will launch a broad strategic initiative
to enable new generic top level domains (gTLDs). The
strategic initiative will include a two-stage approach to
move to the full globalization of the market for top-level
domains. ICANN concluded its week long meeting today which
was held in Tunisia, with ICANN’s Board making this
historic announcement.

ICANN Advisory - ICANN Board Resolutions in Carthage,

ICANN's Board of Directors met on 31 October 2003 in
Carthage, Tunisia. The Board adopted resolutions on the
Approval of .INFO Redemption Grace Period; Approval of .pro
Second-Level Registration Offering; Adoption of GNSO
Council Domain Deletion Policy Recommendations; Response to
GNSO Council Request to Maintain Three Representatives per
Constituency; New Generic TLDs; Finalization of New sTLD
RFP; IDN Committee changes; Thanks to Masanobu Katoh.

ICANN Advisory: ICANN Board Organizational Meeting in
Carthage, Tunisia
Resolved issues dealing with the Election of Board
Chairman; Election of Board Vice-Chairman; Election of
Corporate Officers; Thanks for Meeting Assistance;
Remembrance of Jon Postel.

GNSO Council Report in Carthage, Tunisia by Bruce Tonkin
(PowerPoint presentation)

GNSO Council motion regarding sponsored TLDs

ccTLD ICANN Meetings in Carthage, Tunisia, 26-28 October
2003 - Documents

Equinix Engineer Elected to ICANN Support Organization
Equinix, Inc., a provider of network-neutral data centers
and Internet exchange services, said today that Louis Lee,
a senior network engineer for the company, has been elected
to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers
( Address Supporting Organization Address Council
from the American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN)

Web 'typo squatters' cash in on key errors
It's easy to spell the internet domain name wrong - miss a
dot, or put "" instead of ".com". So easy, in fact,
that a multimillion-pound industry has sprung up to benefit
from the innocent typing error.

Ireland domain registry CEO resigns
The chief executive of Ireland’s domain registry, IEDR, has
resigned on the eve of a disciplinary hearing, bringing to
a close 13 months of infighting at the company.

Ukraine seeks to 'own' the internet
The Ukrainian government is attempting to obtain ownership
of the Ukrainian domain, .ua, according to press freedom
campaign group Reporters Sans Frontières (RSF).

Excuses, excuses
Here are Demys' top ten favourite excuses in UDRP cases -
divided into cases that won and ones that didn't. And, yes,
they are all genuine.

IPv4 Address Space: October 2003
There have been press articles posted over the past year
that make statements about the remaining pool of IPv4
address space. A recent article states there is a shortage
and that Internet Protocol Numbers will run out some time
in the year 2005.

IPv4 - How long have we got?
Obviously there are a limitless ways to look into the
future and make some pronouncement. In terms of
professional occupations it's up there with a few others as
a candidate for being the oldest one in the books. Whether
it's consulting the flight of birds in the sky or
performing feats of mathematical manipulation on a series
of measurements of stock prices, or simply making wild-eyed
guesses, there's no end of the various ways we've come up
with to guess at the unknowable.

The Number Resource Organization (NRO)
After considering all comments received, the RIR Boards
have developed a further revision of the proposed NRO MoU,
as shown here.

Pre-Annonucement on the Launch of Second-Level '.hk' Domain
Name ('2LD')
HKDNR is pleased to announce that the new Second-Level
'.hk' domain name ('2LD') will be launched tentatively by
early 2004. The new 2LD refers to a shorter domain name
category (eg '') as compared to the existing 3rd
level categories (eg '').

Master of your own domain
There's something very satisfying about capturing a bit of
cyberspace as your own - especially if it involves your own
name. There's the grandeur of it - being able to say: "Yes,
I'm master of my domain." The uniqueness is nice too.
Instead of being one of many in a phonebook, if you snare
your name on the net, then there can be only one or It also makes for a great email
address - john&#167;

Technical Responses to Unilateral Internet Authority: The
Deployment of VeriSign "Site Finder" and ISP Response
Much of the day-to-day functioning of the Internet is
thought to be "self-governing": Engineers operating
Internet systems at participating institutions (including
ISPs) make daily decisions that help keep traffic flowing
efficiently, without having to forge formal agreements with
each other and without having to adhere to formal rules set
out by a governing body. For those functions that are
thought to require centralized coordination, organizations
like ICANN have come to exist, and ICANN's proper scope of
"jurisdiction" remains in tension with the prior
self-governing model. Arguments about the need for, and
proper scope of, centralized coordination in part depend on
the reliability and effectiveness of these informal
self-governing alternatives.


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