international domain news

international domain news

From: David Goldstein <goldstein_david§>
Date: Wed, 1 Oct 2003 23:19:59 +1000 (EST)
New suit filed against VeriSign over redirect
VeriSign is facing a new class-action lawsuit over its
controversial "SiteFinder" service, which redirects all
misspelled or unassigned .com domain names to a search page
managed by the domain name registrar.,2000048590,20279066,00.htm

ICANN Information Page: Verisign's Wildcard Service

VeriSign Ignores Call to Suspend Service
Critics allege that VeriSign abused its monopoly power when
it set up a service to steer Web surfers to its own online

Internet Typo Service Sparks Hot Debate
When David Fitzpatrick's software for tracking and
analyzing junk e-mail didn't work correctly, the Web
designer assumed he had made programming mistakes and spent
hours trying to fix them.

Network Solutions Settles FTC Charges - news release
Network Solutions, Inc. has settled Federal Trade
Commission charges that its deceptive marketing practices
unlawfully tricked consumers into transferring their
Internet domain name registrations to the company. The
terms of the settlement permanently bar Network Solutions
from misrepresenting that a consumer’s domain name is about
to expire or that the transfer of a domain name is actually
a renewal. The order also requires the defendant to pay
consumer redress pursuant to the terms of a previously
settled class action lawsuit.

If Only Mike Knew
In the year 2000, Mike wanted "" for his company
website. After all, if you sneaked around these so called
"reserved domains" long enough, you might be puzzled to
see...say this at "" or this at "" or perhaps
this at "". As mysterious as this is, you can imagine
Mike's disappointment after receiving the following email.

Gov't to push through with '.ph' domain plans
Plans to give a government body oversight powers over the
administration of the ".ph" country domain would push
through despite the reservations of the Philippine
information technology industry, a government official told Friday.

Court rules in favor of NCAA and IHSA on 'March Madness'
The United States District Court for the Northern District
of Texas, Dallas Division, has ruled in favor of the
National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and the
Illinois High School Association (IHSA) in its suit against
Netfire, Inc. and Sports Marketing International, Inc. The
court issued an opinion upholding "March Madness" as a
trademark and finding that Dallas defendants committed
trademark infringement and cybersquatting.

Information about IDN - This autumn you can register
.se-domains with ,,, and  - news release
The Swedish top domain .se will as from October 2003 offer
the possibility to register a domain name with the signs ,
, ,  and  in addition to a-z, 0-9 and hyphen, which are
the signs of today. The ones that already have a domain
name are given priority to get their domain names with
rings, dots and accent over e. To use ones priority or to
be a part of the first distribution of domain names with
the new signs you have to make an application before the
21st of October 2003. After that are the usual regulation
of first come, first served valid.

President of Tucows in Response to SiteFinder
I have been thinking a lot about stewardship lately in my
role as CEO of Tucows and how that relates to employees, a
board of directors and investors. Where I've got to, which
is not necessarily relevant for this post, is that
stewardship needs to exist at EVERY level of a company and
a life. With the recent dustup created by Verisign's new
Sitefinder service it has crystallized for me what has
always bothered me about the .com/.net registry and the way
Verisign has approached it.

Whois Steering Committee Meeting Minutes for 18/19

Generic Names Supporting Organization Whois Privacy Issues

Africa's first root domain name server installed
ITweb reports that South Africa has installed its own root
name server ( which is now operational
at the Johannesburg Internet Exchange (JINX).

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