Increasing the integrity of whois data

Increasing the integrity of whois data

From: jamesguy <jamesguy§>
Date: Wed, 23 Jul 2003 10:59:10 +1000
Mark says:

After control of the AUNIC Registry was moved to auDA, auDA made the
decision to stop the uncontrolled access to the database.  This made things
more difficult for scammers, as they had to work from old copies of the
database which were gradually going out of date, or try and keep them
up-to-date by querying aunicstatus for the latest data.

Why was a party able to whip off a list of my domains if this database is secure.  The suggesting made earlier that I submitted a yahoo email to this forum is inconsistent with my submission to MelbourneIT to have a list provided to me.  I have provided a copy of a letter from MelbourneIT which proves this fact.

The question must be asked maybe the data that was produced is in fact a good thing and public access to this information would help police the integrity of the whois data?
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