Re: [DNS] Cybersquatting (Re: Young Mr Guy)

Re: [DNS] Cybersquatting (Re: Young Mr Guy)

From: jamesguy <jamesguy§>
Date: Mon, 21 Jul 2003 23:35:38 +1000
Well it is iteresting that raise this as an argument as i have raised with auDA and been given the response that the registrant is permitted to correct the whois data.  Should my registration be in error I will gladly give it up.  I would prefer to donate it to the Melbourne Jazz festival.  Perhaps this will not be possible.

> Quoting jamesguy on Monday July 21, 2003:
> | I had made enquiries with the Melbourne Jazz festival for an ongoing program of jazz sponsorship in Melbourne. was destined for that purpose.  Should there be any developer out there interested in assisting with sponsorship that would be excellent.
> | 
> | Choice of business name was to be dependent on whether the joint venture was achieved.  I have the ideas and the contacts with jazz artists.  Just lack the resources.
> The policy basis behind the rules is to prevent such speculative
> registrations. If an organisation wants to a register a domain name they
> are eligible that is fine. Having some other person register something
> they /might/ pass on to an organisation that is eligible (let alone one
> that doesn't even /exist/ now), is not acceptable.
> If that was allowed you may as well just remove any eligibility
> requirements and make it a .com style free-for-all.
> kim
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