Re: [DNS] Attention: The Board Members auDA

Re: [DNS] Attention: The Board Members auDA

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Date: Fri, 18 Jul 2003 08:45:26 +1000
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This question has not been aswered.  Chris what about it?

I would like to know the answers to these too, who do I write to?

Bernard Weekes

Dear members

auDA has budgeted for legal expenses, accounting, and audits in the sum $212,600
I can only guess that a similar amount has been spent in previous years.
I have the following questions for the Board:

Which legal firms have been beneficiaries in the year ending 2003 and in what sums were they renumerated?

What amount of legal expenditure has been incurred as a result of damages, fines, or settlements that have been incurred due to alleged breachs and/or complaints under the Trade Practices Act or under domain name disputes?

What amount of non-legal expenditure generally has been incurred as a result of damages,  fines or settlements against auDA?

What amount of expenditure has been set aside in the current budget to meet legal claims due to failures in the domain auction process which caused domains that were previously allocated to be accidentally released into the auction process at the detriment of the domain owners who had already made payment for those domains?

> >Kind regards
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> >James Guy

Kind regards

James Guy
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