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international domain news

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Domain registry reaps $9m
The new Australian internet domain name regime has paid
handsomely for the company which now runs the .au internet
name database, with registrations for the first year of its
operation far higher than forecast.,7204,6693906%5e16123%5e%5enbv%5e,00.html

ICANN: Guilty as Charged?
Moreover and in respect of internal relations, ICANN falls
short of much of the accountability normally found in
corporations and in not-for-profits. Ordinary corporations
have shareholders and competitors. ICANN does not, because
it is non-profit and has a bizarre relationship with the
DoC. Many non-profit organisations have members who
challenge corporate misbehaviour. ICANN has taken steps to
ensure that its 'members' are denied such legal redress
under Californian law. All but the wealthiest non-profits
are constrained by needing to find financial resources.
ICANN faced such problems in its early days, but it has now
managed to overcome them by affirming its power over the
legacy root, accepting contributions from the registrars
that have agreed to recognise ICANN's authority for the
.com, .net and .org registrations and from NSI, the
dominant registrar of the three commercial TLD's, which
agreed to pay a substantial amount of money to ICANN as
part of agreements reached with the DoC and ICANN.12

Spoof Website Adds Insult to Italy's EU Injury
As Italy's presidency of the European Union got off to an
embarrassing start Wednesday, a spoof Web site which has
hijacked the presumed Italian official address rubbed salt
in the wounds.

RP government to oversee
After more than a year of deliberations, the Information
Technology and E-commerce Council (ITECC) has decided to
have the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC)
oversee the registration of web sites making use of the
".ph" Internet domain, ITECC executive director Virgilio
Peņa told Friday.

New democratic Internet government for Brazil
The Brazilian government has agreed to a new Internet
governance structure, after protests by technology
activists. adopts liberal rules on ccTLD registrations, Iran's manager of the country-code top-level domain
(ccTLD), has begun accepting applications for domain names
in the '.ir' domain space. The domain name registry has
adopted a liberal policy on registration, including the
following rules:

Geeks may not inherit anything yet
The way backers want to implement their proposed
new 2LD looks like holding the process up.

Dot-ca Governing Body Welcomes Newly Elected Directors
The Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) is
pleased to announce the results of its Board of Directors
election. The election took place from June 19 to June 25,
2003 through CIRA’s website and by fax ballot.

Panel Denies Complaint - from
On June 12, CPR Panelist Dr. Bernardo Cremades denied a
UDRP complaint filed against the registrant of  The complainant, EK Success, Ltd.,
argued that the domain name registered by Taiwan citizen
Wang Yi-Chi was identical to its STICKOPOTAMUS mark, but
apparently did not attach copies of its US trademark
registrations as evidence.

Three Member Panel Rejects Case - from
A three-member National Arbitration Forum Panel rejected a
complaint brought by German company Dr Boy GmbH against the
registrant of  Both sides filed lengthy additional
submissions, which were considered by the Panel.

New TLDs: Can You Say .Never?
ICANN continues at its snail's pace on introduction of new
top-level domains. At the Montreal meeting, staff sprung
this RFP for new sponsored TLDs. As if "a few" and
"sponsored" weren't limitation enough, it further narrowed
the applicant pool to those who had applied unsuccessfully
as sponsored TLDs in November 2000.

ICANN Submits Seventh Annual Report
ICANN has just submitted its seventh status report under
ICANN/US Government Memorandum of Understanding to United
States Department of Commerce (DoC) titled: “Report by
ICANN to United States Department of Commerce Re: Progress
Toward Objectives of Memorandum of Understanding”. The
report provides a review of recent ICANN developments.

ICANN Meetings in Carthage, Tunisia
The third round of ICANN meetings in 2003 will be held
27-31 October in Carthage, Tunisia. The meetings are free
to attend, and open to any interested person. ICANN
encourages broad participation in its bottom-up
consensus-development process. You can take part in these
meetings by attending in person, by taking part in the
webcast and remote participation opportunities, and/or by
joining one of the various ICANN-related mailing lists.

If you want a .LA name...
Los Angeles is the world's first and only city to receive
its own unique Internet address; .la. A .la suffix is set
to become the must-have web address for the 300,000
registered businesses and 10 million citizens of the
world's most exciting metropolis.


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