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ICANN comes to terms with country domains
Internet overseeing organisation ICANN has backed down in
its battle with the rest of the world and conceded that it
cannot expect to dictate policy over countries outside the

ICANN Preliminary Report Regular Meeting of the ICANN Board
in Montréal
ICANN's Transition Board of Directors held a meeting in
Montréal, Canada, on 26 June 2003. Directors Vint Cerf
(chairman), Amadeu Abril i Abril, Karl Auerbach (joined the
meeting while in progress), Ivan Moura Campos, Lyman
Chapin, Jonathan Cohen, Mouhamet Diop, Masanobu Katoh (via
teleconference), Hans Kraaijenbrink, Sang-Hyon Kyong,
Stuart Lynn, Andy Mueller-Maguhn, Alejandro Pisanty, Nii
Quaynor, Helmut Schink (via teleconference, departed while
meeting in progress), Francisco da Silva, Paul Twomey, and
Linda S. Wilson participated. Vint Cerf served as chair of
the meeting. The Board adopted the following resolutions:

ICANN approves framework for greater public input
After coming under heavy criticism in the past for not
giving individual users enough voice in how it runs the
Internet, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and
Numbers (ICANN) wrapped up its meeting in Montreal this
week having put in place a framework for organizing
participation from the user community.

ICANN Makes Peace, Forms ccNSO
After four years of debate and negotiation, the global
organization that regulates domain names Thursday said it
has reached an agreement to let more groups participate in
decisions affecting how the Internet is run.

ICANN - Establishment of new sTLDs: Request for Proposals
This Request for Proposal (RFP) is being issued by ICANN to
solicit applications for a limited number of new Sponsored
Top-Level-Domains (sTLDs). It is issued in response to a
directive to ICANN staff by the ICANN Board of Directors at
its meeting in Amsterdam on 15 December, 2002, following
submission by then President Stuart Lynn of a Plan for
Action regarding new TLDs in general. The Plan for Action
itself was in response to a directive from the ICANN Board
at its 23 August 2002 meeting.

ICANN introduces new framework
After coming under heavy criticism in the past for not
giving individual users enough voice in how it runs the
Internet, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and
Numbers (ICANN) wrapped up its meeting in Montreal this
week having put in place a framework for organizing
participation from the user community.

Kiwi takes place at ICANN
Wellingtonian Alick Wilson, recently appointed to a
position at ICANN, says he’ll bring his experience as an
internet “user and adviser” to the powerful international

Review team surveys public on 2LD
The InternetNZ working group reviewing the future of New
Zealand's second level domain (2LD) has heard that a
quarter of the respondents would prefer not to have a
second level at all.

Kiwi Internet domain name registrations poised to double
The number of registered .nz domain names is poised to
double if current trends continue, according to Derek
Locke, Chief Executive of domain name registrar Domainz.,1608,200114-113-380,00.html

Melbourne IT apologises over renewal blunder
Melbourne IT was forced to apologise to its resellers
earlier this month after a blunder saw renewal notices
mailed directly to 3,000 of its partners' customers.,2000048590,20275657,00.htm

In the Land of the Free
With a global population of over 6 billion, ten generic top
level domains, over 200 country codes and an Internet user
community that numbers millions it is astounding that two
US Congressmen believe it is exclusively their duty to
table legislation without recourse to the myriad of country
code registries and international governments.

Police probe domain renewal firm
Companies and consumers with .biz domain names have been
warned to check carefully any unsolicited emails they
receive asking them to renew the address.

VeriSign Dodges Fraud Messes 
When John William Racine hijacked Al-Jazeera's website in
March, he didn't rely on fancy programming and sneaky data
intercepts. He just made up a phony ID card, forged a
signature and faxed a form to Network Solutions, the
biggest registrar of domain names on the Net.,1367,59327,00.html

Internet Becoming Candidates' Domain
For six months now, former Vermont governor Howard Dean has
been running an ever-expanding grass-roots campaign online,
raising millions of dollars and bringing 128,000 passionate
cybersupporters to his underdog presidential campaign.

Site Snafu: Pageant of the Masters Tangled in Web of Porn
Fans of Orange County's venerable Pageant of the Masters
and Festival of Arts looking for information or tickets on
the Internet may instead be ushered into a series of sites
touting "hot lingerie photos," "100% Free Porn" and other
adult unmentionables.,1,3346958.story

ICANN Montreal: Real-Time Thoughts During the WHOIS Meeting
- 1st Session
I'm going to try something new here. I'm sitting here at
the ICANN meeting on whois and I'll try to jot down some of
my thoughts as they occur to me in reaction to what is
being said:

ICANN Montreal: Real-Time Thoughts During the WHOIS Meeting
- 2nd Session
John LoGalbo - a "law enforcement" type - is complaining
how long it takes him to issue a subpoena. My thought is
this: Why should our privacy suffer because his
organization can't get its procedural act together?

Montreal ICANN Meetings Creating Some Irritations
Two controversial issues which were on the agenda of the
Montreal ICANN meetings creating some irritation: the way
of planning to create a country code support organization
(ccNSO), and the discussions around the purpose and
operation of WHOIS – the database of registrants of

IP And The Internet: A Growing Need to Police Online
The Internet and corresponding online world have radically
expanded the landscape Intellectual Property professionals
need to investigate when monitoring for possible
infringements of their trademarks, brands and other
intangible assets. With few barriers to entry, coupled with
the ability to operate anonymously, the Internet has
rapidly become a significant target for unscrupulous
individuals hoping to take advantage of the easily
accessible Intellectual Property assets of legitimate

ICANN Reaches Landmark Agreement With Country Domains
ICANN Mettings In Montreal, June 22-26, 2003The Internet
Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)
concluded its Montreal meeting with a landmark agreement
that cements the relationship between ICANN and the
worldwide community of country-code top-level domain
registries. "Today's agreement represents both a historic
achievement for the ICANN process, and a powerful vote of
confidence in the newly reformed ICANN 2.0," said Paul
Twomey, ICANN's president and CEO.

Ecuador: Andean Community Trademark - Domain Name Disputes
(reg req'd)
One of the more salient issues in intellectual property law
has been the resolution of conflicts between rights holders
in trademarks and domain name registrants. With the
entrance into force of Decision 486 of the Andean Community
Commission, the Andean Community nations (Bolivia,
Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela) have begun to
implement measures which may address this issue. Article
233 of Decision 486 provides that if a distinctive
well-known sign is unlawfully registered in a member
country as part of a domain name or electronic mail address
by an unauthorized third party, the competent national
authority may, at the request of the titleholder to the
mark, order the cancellation or modification of the
registration of the domain name or electronic mail address.
The national authority may only order cancellation or
modification if use of the domain name or electronic mail
address may cause confusion regarding identical or similar
business, activities, products or services or, with regard
to different businesses, activities, products or services,
if such use may cause "passing off", "blurring" or
"tarnishing" as understood in U.S. federal trademark law.


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