international domain news

international domain news

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Domain poisoning: VeriSign says security was bypassed
VeriSign says that security at Network Solutions was
bypassed by an individual or individuals who changed the
domain details for Al Jazeera in order to point the site to
a spurious address.

ICANN Advisory - Registrar Advisory Concerning the "15-day
Period" in Whois Accuracy Requirements
The purpose of this advisory is to assist ICANN-accredited
registrars in understanding what has been referred to as
the "15-day period" relating to Whois data-accuracy
requirements. Recent discussion concerning recommended
changes to ICANN Whois policies indicate that the current
requirements may be frequently misunderstood. The following
advisory is intended to promote a clearer understanding of
the current requirements.

ICANN Nominating Committee - Formal Call for
Recommendations and Statements of Interest

Contract Between ICANN and the United States Government for
Performance of the IANA Function

ITU Overview and ENUM Presentation
Robert Shaw's presentation to the GAC at the Rio de Janiero
ICANN meeting. It gives an overview of the ITU, changes in
the telecom sector, its impact on the ITU, and ITU's
activities related to IP-based networks and the Internet. I
also made a presentation on ITU's perspectives on ENUM
(Powerpoint, PDF) in an open ICANN session.

Minister not happy with .za nominations  2003-04-05
Communications Minister Ivy Matsepe-Casaburri has called
again for nominations to the new Domain Name Authority,
which will administer the .za Internet domain name in terms
of the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act. The
act was passed last year after a controversial battle
between governent and the current administrator of the
domain name.

Court takes 3 years to evict cyber squatter using HC's
domain name
A person hijacked the domain name of the Delhi High Court
and the lower courts and it took the court more than three
years to evict the squatter.

ICANN Adopts Whois Policy
On March 27, 2003, the ICANN (The Internet Corporation for
Assigned Names and Numbers) Board voted to adopt the four
recommendations of its GNSO (Generic Names Supporting
Organization) Council to amend Whois policy. ICANN is the
non-profit, non-governmental body established by the U.S.
Department of Commerce under a memorandum of understanding
to regulate name and number structure of the Internet.

AOL wary of Comcast, Road Runner mail 
In its latest attempt to crack down on spam, America Online
has started blocking what it deems to be suspicious e-mail
sent by customers of Comcast's High-Speed Internet and AOL
Time Warner's Road Runner broadband services.

VNNIC and Hi-Tek cooperate to set up online domain name
registration process
The Vietnam Internet Center (VNNIC) and the Hi-Tek Company
(US) recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on
cooperation in Hanoi. Accordingly, two sides will
co-operate to set up an online ".vn" domain name
registration process to create favourable conditions for
international and domestic organizations and individuals to
take part in Internet activities and provide Internet
services in Vietnam. Two sides will also cooperate to
develop propagation and advertising plans on the important
role of domain names and popularizing utilities of the
second level domain name under the high level ".vn" domain


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