final domain news for 2002

final domain news for 2002

From: David Goldstein <goldstein_david§>
Date: Thu, 19 Dec 2002 23:21:29 +1100 (EST)
Hi all

Here's the final domain news for 2002. For those
celebrating the holiday, have a great christmas and new
year, and see you all here bright eyed and bushy tailed in
the new year!


ICANN to expand domain name set
ICANN - the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and
Numbers - has endorsed plans to expand the range of domain
name suffixes, but said new domains will most likely be
restricted to particular industries or fields.,7204,5692145%5E15342%5E%5Enbv%5E15306%2D15319,00.html,1367,56879,00.html,1367,56879,00.html

Tunis to Host ICANN's Next Congress
Tunis is to host in 2003 the next congress of the Internet
Corporation for Assignment of Names and Numbers (ICANN), it
was announced on Sunday in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam Meeting
Dec. 14, Saturday, 08:30 - 12:00; Pluto Room, Sheraton
Amsterdam Airport Hotel & Conference Center.

Give up website or go to jail
Australia's competition and fair trading watchdog has
threatened to put two directors of an online retailer in
jail for a month if they don't hand over their domain name
by the end of the year.

Melbourne IT reconsiders .biz (reg req'd)
Listed domain-name seller Melbourne IT has flagged a
possible writedown of its 10 per cent investment in
NeuLevel, the American company that registers the .biz
internet suffix.

Melbourne IT appoints new non-executive director
Melbourne IT Ltd today announced it had appointed Tom Kiing
as a non-executive director to its board.

Policies and Processes for Gaining and Losing Registrars
When private sector competition was introduced into the
registration functions of the generic Top Level Domains,
the community greeted this concept with great enthusiasm
and high expectations. Now that competition has been
implemented, the community enjoys the benefit of having
access to a healthy and diverse community of competitive
Registrars who offer differentiated services, at different
prices. They are located in different countries. Some work
through ISPs, some sell direct. Some are “niche” providers,
who actually primarily offer ISP or web hosting services,
or the registration service is largely a courtesy but an
important one, to their existing customers. To many,
registration services are their core business. While this
description does not do justice to the range of innovation
of the competitive Registrars for gTLD names, it begins to
capture the key and critical message:  Registrants should
be able to choose a Registrar who can serve their needs,
and they should be able to “move” from one Registrar to
another, if they are dissatisfied, for any reason. But, can

China to issue second-level domain names
China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC), the
domain name registrar charged with overseeing the .cn
domain for China, has announced plans to begin taking
applications to register second-level domain names from
next year.

Surfers shun domains
The internet domain, set up to give individuals a
bit of personal web space, appears to have been a flop.

WIPO decision emphasizes domain name threat (reg req'd)
A recent cybersquatting ruling has highlighted a loophole
in the rules allowing trade mark holders to stop their
brand names being exploited online.

CERT warns of more SSH flaws
The vulnerabilities affect both SSH client and server
software, and could enable attackers to launch denial of
service attacks or run malicious code.

CNN Wins Largest UDRP Decision - from
In a long awaited National Arbitration Forum three-member
Panel decision, CNN succeeded in its UDRP case against a
Lebanese individual that registered 325 domain names
containing the CNN trademark and country names.

CNN Wins Massive Domain Dispute
Global news agency CNN has won what is thought to be the
largest domain name dispute - in terms of number of domain
names - under the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution
Policy (UDRP).

Wild West Domains masks the owners
ICANN-accredited Wild West Domains is to offer private
domain names to resellers in an exclusive deal under its
new Domains By Proxy scheme.

VeriSign Opens Name Store for Registrars
Digital trust services provider VeriSign Inc. announced on
Tuesday that it has launched a Name Store fulfillment
platform designed to expand and simplify the offerings
provided by domain name retailers to their customers. Has Cut Jobs by 10 Percent Inc., a provider of Internet addresses, on
Monday said it cut about 10 percent of its work force under
a previously announced restructuring and would allow
remaining employees to exchange devalued stock options for
new, re-priced options.;jsessionid=TPKR1Q000FDRKCRBAELCFEY?type=internetNews&storyID=1916521

Intellectual Property on the Internet: A Survey of Issues
WIPO has published a report, "Intellectual Property on the
Internet: A Survey of Issues," that addresses the
far-reaching impact that digital technologies – the
Internet in particular – have had on intellectual property
(IP) and the international IP system.

Examining Stuart Lynn's Domain Name Plans - Part II
Virtually every business, organization, and interest group
of any size in North America and Europe can be expected to
eventually stand up an Internet presence, and this movement
is quickly moving into less-developed areas of the world as
people there discover the relatively low entry cost of Web
publishing and ecommerce. This expansion is accelerating,
and is driving the need for a great many more gTLDs in the
near future than I expect Stuart Lynn is envisioning. Our
challenge is to get ICANN to expand its processes beyond
Mr. Lynn's vision!

From A Creative Domain To The Creative Public
There are a growing number of domain names used in creative
ways that leverage the true power of the Internet. There is
not a better illustration of this point than Jason Vaughn,
an individual who turned his creative talent and passion
for teaching web design at a community college into a
successful Internet-based guide for graphic designers going
into business for themselves.

Internet Body Approves Creation of New Web Domains
The group that oversees the Internet's traffic system said
on Sunday it plans to approve a host of new address
suffixes to join the likes of ".com" and ".org" over the
coming year.;jsessionid=UX1VSDU3JCTXOCRBAE0CFFA?type=technologyNews&storyID=1909034

Dot what? ICANN mum on new Net names
People and organisations using the Internet could soon have
a much greater variety of addresses to choose from
following a decision to create new domains.,,t269-s2127559,00.html,1,2037602.story

Preliminary Report: Fourth Annual Meeting of the ICANN
Board in Amsterdam
The ICANN Board of Directors held its 2002 Annual Meeting
on 15 December 2002 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. At the
conclusion of that meeting, the Transitional Board of ICANN
(Article XX, Section 2(1)) was seated and held an
organizational meeting.
A Discussion Paper on the Introduction of New TLDs
Everyone who watched the ICANN Board select new top-level
domains in November, 2000 knew that the seven selections
would not be the last word on expansion of the Internet's
root zone. Two years later, however, how and when ICANN
might move beyond the seven new ones are still open

Net address crunch threatens Web services
The number of Internet addresses available using the
current generation of Internet infrastructure built on IPv4
technology will run out by 2005, jeopardizing the continued
development of both fixed and wireless Net-based services.

IANA Report on Redelegation of the .la Top-Level Domain
The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (the IANA), as part
of the administrative functions associated with management
of the domain-name system root, is responsible for
receiving requests for delegation and redelegation of
top-level domains, investigating the circumstances
pertinent to those requests, and reporting on the requests.
Earlier this year, the IANA received a request for changing
the sponsoring organization, administrative contact, and
technical contact for the .la country-code top-level domain
(ccTLD). This report gives the findings and conclusions of
the IANA on its investigation of that request.

The New Dispute Resolution Procedures For .CN
Following China's admission to the World Trade Organization
(the "WTO") on December 11, 2001, one of the determinations
made to meet Chinese commitments to liberalize and open its
economic policies was to open the registration of domain
names in the .cn domain to include registrants who are not
Chinese nationals.

ICANN starts reform process
The board of directors of the Internet Corporation for
Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) met in Amsterdam
yesterday to give its final approval on a plan for the
governing body's overhaul.

Cancel the Cancellation Option
This morning, John Berryhill posted a recommendation on the
UDRP Task Force list for revising the remedies available
through the UDRP. Mr. Berryhill suggested removing the
"cancellation" option from Paragraph 4(i). This is a great
suggestion, and I'll take it one step further.

WIPO Panel Finds Statement in Whois Can Be Used Against
Registrant - from
In a decision released today, WIPO Panelist Gordon Arnold
determined that a registrant's statement "You should have
bought it when you had the chance" in Whois for demonstrated that the domain name had been
registered in bad faith.

Panel Finds Bigot Domain Can Stay Where It Is
There is no "reasonable connection between pornography and
narrow-minded people with intolerant views" said a three
member WIPO panel in the fight for between a
tobacco company and an online search/domain name developer.
But the panel went on to find for the registrant who had
pointed the domain to pornographic sites.

BulkRegister Provides the .CN Link to China
BulkRegister, the third-largest accredited domain name
registrar in the United States, today announced that it is
accepting advance applications for China's new .CN domain
name on a first-come, first-served basis. Advance
registration requests will be accepted until 10 a.m. EST on
Sunday, December 15. BulkRegister will accept real-time
registration requests starting one hour later that day, at
11 a.m. EST.

Dodgy domain name selling continues
More domain name resellers are coming under the spotlight
for their controversial sales tactics.

Domain service providers fight for survival 
Korea`s major Internet domain service providers are going
all-out to stay afloat and maintain market share and
presence in an increasingly competitive and crowded
marketplace. Current trends favor the so-called "big three"
structure, which is also centered on attaining official
certification by the Korea Network Information Center
(KRNIC) - the nation`s official domain registration hub.

Is .LA The New .TV?
The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) has
announced the redelegation of .la - the country code top
level domain corresponding to the People's Democratic
Republic of Lao allowing it to be marketed as the new
domain for Los Angeles, Latin America and Louisiana.

Economics of Kid-Friendly Domain Questioned
Now that Congress has zoned off an Internet neighborhood
for children, online real estate agents are questioning
whether they can attract enough tenants to make it a
worthwhile place for parents to send their kids. Authors of
the Dot-Kids Implementation and Efficiency Act, which
President Bush signed into law last week, envisioned the
new "" domain as a sanctuary where children could
explore the Internet without being exposed to its dangers.

China unveils new rules for easier access to domain names
Internet domain name applicants inChina have been
authorized to add directly their organization title before
the ".cn" suffix without having to specify their
organizations' categories like ".com" or ".net" beginning
March 17,the China Daily reported Friday.

VeriSign exits UK domain retail biz
VeriSign Inc is closing its retail domain name business in
the UK with the loss of about a dozen jobs, ComputerWire
has learned, writes Kevin Murphy The company, which has
seen its share of the domain market steadily eroded over
the last two years, has sold its 60,000-strong UK customer
base to French-owned Amen Ltd, a VeriSign reseller.

The IANA: Hot Potato or Root Vegetable

Dot-ca Gains Strength Through Growth While Dot-com Shrinks
- news release
The Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA)
celebrated the second anniversary of its operations this
week and noted an increase of more than 500% in the number
of dot-ca domain name registrations since the organization
assumed control of the dot-ca registry in December 2000.

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