Melb IT Stuff up or Enetica?

Melb IT Stuff up or Enetica?

From: Brian Davis <brian§>
Date: Mon, 04 Nov 2002 23:20:50 +1100
Just today I received a renewal notice from Melb IT for one of my clients 

They say that domain_x expires on Dec 21, 2002

Back in August, (10-09-2002 to be precise) I transferred domain_x to my 
reseller account at Enetica (and paid for the renewal of domain_x)

Enetica say domain_x is registered until 2004,
Melb IT say domain_x expires in on Dec 21, 2002

So some questions come to mind.

Which registrar has my clients name under my reseller agreement.
Who do I trust and believe?
I cannot find out from auda what is true.

I sent the same email to Melb IT and Enetica asking for answers as to why 
both systems think they have this domain name.

Has Melb IT not released it ?
Has Enetica Failed to get it assigned to them?

So many questions, I hope they sort it out and my clients domain does not 
expire as I am NOT paying for it to be renewed again..

Anyone else seen similar experiences with transferred domains??

I'll keep you posted.


At 08:28 PM 13/09/2002, you wrote:
>I know this is for a TLD and not a .au domain, but it still smells funny;
>Has anyone heard of this site:
>I received the following transfer request and am a little skeptical about 
>it's origin.
>From: "Domain Registry of Australia" <info&#167;>
>To: my_domain_Account
>Reply-To: support&#167;
>Subject: Domain Transfer Request for XXXXXX.ORG
>Date: Fri, 13 Sep 2002 01:56:25 -0700
>Dear Customer,
>You are receiving this notice because you are listed as one of the 
>contacts for the domain name XXXXXX.ORG.
>We have received a transfer request to move this domain to a different 
>Please click on the following URL link and let us know if you approve OR 
>disapprove this domain transfer:
>PLEASE NOTE: if the link below is broken you will need to copy and paste 
>everything between < > into your browser
>The deadline for responding to this request is: Sep 19, 2002.
>Thank you for your time and attention regarding this matter.
>If you have any questions please reply to this e-mail.
>Domain Registry of Australia
>Who are these guys?  <
>Is it the back end of a scam, or does this transfer-approval site actually 
>get used for TLD's ??
>Anyone ??
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