RE: [DNS] COMPLAINTS POLICY - Publication Date: 24/07/2002

RE: [DNS] COMPLAINTS POLICY - Publication Date: 24/07/2002

From: Phil Wright <newsstuff§>
Date: Thu, 25 Jul 2002 12:58:40 +1000
I concur Ian, that would seem a strange course to take and seem ungrateful
for those who have offered input and seemingly seeks to prevent public
consultation which to me seems at odds with the stated goal of being
representative of all - ".au Domain Administration Ltd (auDA) is an
Australian not-for-profit company vested with the responsibility of
operating the .au domain for the benefit of all stakeholders."  Surely the
public are stakeholders too?

Also I find it strange that such a policy called "Complaints Policy" (very
broad title) only concerns itself with complaints that relate only to the
areas concerning the conduct of "Registrars and Resellers".

What about the long overdue Dispute Resolution Policy and areas of complaint
about the conduct of auDA etc etc ????
When will we see these made available for public scrutiny??

Phil Wright

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Subject: [DNS] COMPLAINTS POLICY - Publication Date: 24/07/2002


Policy No: 2002-21
Publication Date: 24/07/2002
Status: Current




As a consumer representative on the Code of Practice Drafting
Committee - specifically working on complaints handling for over four
months - I am surprised to find that auDA has been separately
developing, and has now published, this Complaints Policy.  Why were
the Committee's members not given an opportunity to comment on this
Complaints Policy?

I'm not aware of any public consultation on the development of this
Complaints Policy or any notice of the publication of the Policy to
auDA members or the public at large.  Why no consultation or notice?

auDA's communication with members is lacking.  Why?

Ian Johnston, Policy Consultant
Small Enterprise Telecommunications Centre (SETEL)  mailto:ian.johnston&#167;
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SETEL is a national small business consumer association
advancing the interest of Australian small business
as telecommunications and e-commerce consumers

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