RE: [DNS] Unbelievable Enetica/AusRegistry

RE: [DNS] Unbelievable Enetica/AusRegistry

From: David James - The Pagesmith <david.james§>
Date: Wed, 24 Jul 2002 12:08:22 +1000

I too have had fantastic service from Enetica with registration of 2 domains. Absolute no-sweat service. 

I've been trying for days and days to update information through
MelbourneIT's management menu and keep hitting a brick wall.

Go Enetica!

David James

I am stunned... still stunned in fact - even though this was last

A friend wanted a couple of domains... I setup my dns for him, and told
him to use Enetica to register them.  

He registered 2 domains

In approx 3 minutes he had received the email tax invoice. Another 3
minutes after that he received approvals for both domains - with the
password to manage the domain.

I was surprised, but then guided him to the management page to do the

5 minutes later I checked the AusRegistry whois... and the full details
were there... including the name servers.... so I though, what the heck,
I will do a dig on OzEmail's servers to see if they can see them..

And they could.... and I was stunned.

In 15 minutes, a domain was applied for, paid for, approved, delegated
and visible on the internet.

If this is the sort of service we can expect under this new regime...
that is amazing.

Kudos to Enetica for having fast processing.. and to AusRegistry for the
fast whois and delegation.

Now... Question... was this only because it was a or could this
work for and others as well?

How can Melbourne IT justify their 2 hour service for $300+ when the
standard $50 at Enetica had it done in minutes... 

Vic.. you and your staff rock..

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