RE: [DNS] Domain registration through Enetica

RE: [DNS] Domain registration through Enetica

From: Wilkie, Jayne (SAHT) <"Wilkie,>
Date: Wed, 17 Jul 2002 13:03:05 +0930
Hi David.

I am new to Internet Management and have taken over the role with little
handover.  The accounts were something that were never mentioned to me and I
am cautiously looking at the accounts coming in until I get a hang of what
is real and what are misleading accounts.

Do you know anything about InternetRegistry and WebCentral sending out
renewals for domain names?  Do you know of anywhere that I can check out the
authenticity of such documents


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Subject: [DNS] Domain registration through Enetica

I have just registered a domain through Enetica. In the past you
would not move me from MelbourneIT, but Enetica's service took under 5
minutes. I'm very impressed.
David James
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