Re: [DNS] Tells you something

Re: [DNS] Tells you something

From: Kim Davies <kim§>
Date: Fri, 12 Jul 2002 07:52:34 +0200
Quoting Chris Berkeley on Friday July 12, 2002:
| At the contact page no longer has a 'phone number people who 
| wish to contact them can ring.
| So if you tell a client they can ring auDA to complain or try to get an answer about a 
| query that you as their previous "fount of internet" knowledge is unable to answer as 
| none of the known authorities is able to help at the moment they can't.

Why can't they email or fax or post? I'm sure auDA has been influxed
with queries and it is much more efficient to deal with them other than
by phone. I'd prefer auDA's staff work of ironing out the problems and
getting the job done rather than sitting on the phone all day to every
man and his dog who wants to ask misdirected questions.

If you want auDA to man the phones I'm guessing it would need to hire
more staff and then train them. I don't think that is a wise allocation
of resources.

| Doesn't this give you a good picture of the clowns we have to deal
| with and who are now running the mess that .au admin has become.


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