RE: [DNS] .au 2LD proposal:

RE: [DNS] .au 2LD proposal:

From: ginger FISH <cyrille.lefevre§>
Date: Tue, 9 Jul 2002 11:06:41 +1000
Wrong, Adam, those sites should be listed under :>


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>This is not a domain you apply for. This domain is allocated to sites that
>are really broken. If your sites navigation does not always work, if there
>are links to generic 404 error pages, if there are scripting errors being
>displayed inside or instead of your pages this is the domain for you. When
>you are assigned this domain requests to this domain will start to resolve
>as People will still see the same pages, but the domain
>in the URL will now appear as a domain. sites are automatically listed as they all use complex
javascript, multiple layers and are browser incompatible.

any site that is not disability friendly should be listed too. sites should also be listed, although exemption discretion for nice
agencies can be applied for.

ddns, ira, ing and other consumer concern sites should also be listed.

>* A new working parts will need to be created for allocation of this
>* It is suggested that applications for this domain are made a public
>submission process. ie. The public submit sites that they feel qualify for
>the domain.
>* This is a warning domain. It is a note to users that the site they have
>visited is known to be flawed.
>* This is a joke. (I thought the list could do with a break from biting
>each others head off :)

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