Re: [DNS] Fwd: Melbourne IT Ltd. | CONSUMER WARNING - Affecting your Domain Name

Re: [DNS] Fwd: Melbourne IT Ltd. | CONSUMER WARNING - Affecting your Domain Name

From: Adam Todd <auda§>
Date: Sun, 07 Jul 2002 20:09:18 +1000
>>When will auDA close all board meetings and remove the ability for the 
>>public to select board members.  Oh goodness, it's already happened.
>auDA has always had closed board meetings. To have an open circus would
>severely hamper auDA's ability to effectively work.
>Any member can vote for board members, and any member of the public can
>become a member.

That proves the point.  It's not a PUBLIC process at all.  Because only 
those who PAY a membership fee to join auDA, with a specific interest 
acceptable to the BOARD for their application can join.

Mums and Dads and people who count most can NOT elect BOARD MEMBERS.  At 
least ICANN had a public election process.

auDA can't work effectively with a PUBLIC process because the only people 
who have positions or interest in auDA are those who wish to gain political 
status, market status, or manipulate the consumer.

VERY SERIOUS allegations.

But please, tell me why ANYONE would want to be a member of auDA.  Why 
can't the public, whom auDA claim to charge as their primary interest, 
elect the board just like any public election.

In fact why can't auDA PAY the Electoral Commission to run the elections!

Now we're talking PUBLIC INTEREST.  Not Private Company.
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