RE: [DNS] Reviews of Registrars

RE: [DNS] Reviews of Registrars

From: James Fiander <jfiander§>
Date: Sun, 7 Jul 2002 01:31:08 +1000
I have moderated it... because I didn't want people to simply put rude
comments up there and have them automatically display, the "Raw Average"
shows the average before I have filtered out the bad stuff... and the
"Review Average" is simply the average of the people that have submited
valid reviews =P PS. ignore my post in ConnectWest (it was a test post and I
forgot to remove it!)

P.S. I cleaned up the database, so there are only valid information in there
at the moment =)


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How do you get a 'Raw Average' of 1 or 8.5 without having any reviews?
And what is the difference between 'Review average' and 'Raw average'?

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>The URL simply had a typo in it.  Correct URL is:

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