Fwd: Internet Society bids to run .ORG

Fwd: Internet Society bids to run .ORG

From: Stephen Loosley <stephen§melbpc.org.au>
Date: Thu, 20 Jun 2002 19:01:32 +1000
Hello there,

Forwarded for information: The following Internet Society news
may be of interest. Note: Gobal Membership of ISOC is free of
charge :-)

Date: 19 Jun 02 10:51:20 
From: Membership&#167;isoc.org (Internet Society) 
Subject: Announcing ISOC's Bid to Run .ORG! 

Dear Internet Society Member:

I am writing to inform you of a recent decision by the Internet 
Society Board of Trustees to submit a bid to the Internet Corporation 
for Assigned Names and Numbers, Inc. ("ICANN") to succeed VeriSign,
Inc. as the registry operator for the .ORG top-level domain. 

This bid is being announced formally, and we wanted to be sure you were
informed. Now that the bid is being officially submitted, we can provide you
with more specifics. 

We’ve set up a section of our Web site (http://www.isoc.org/dotorg) that 
should answer your questions about .ORG, why ISOC is making a bid, and
the structure we envision. I hope that you will support ISOC in these efforts. 

If you do, we ask that you send a letter of support to ICANN. Please visit 

http://www.isoc.org/dotorg and use the online submission form you’ll find there. 

As one of the oldest "Internet institutions," ISOC has long led activities 
that contribute to an open and stable Internet. Through its initiatives in 
support of education and training, Internet standards and protocol, and public 
policy, ISOC has played a critical role in ensuring that the Internet has 
developed in a stable and open manner and we believe that this is a natural 
extension of those efforts.

ISOC's mission is wholly consistent with a non-commercial philosophy and
our plans for .ORG will enable it to flourish as a truly global home dedicated 
to serving the unique interests of non-commercial organizations on the net. 
In addition, ISOC expects to be able to add significant value to the registry 
space in total, given our roots, values, and technical knowledge.

We have chosen to work with Afilias Limited, which will be our back-end registry 
services provider. Afilias successfully deployed the first EPP-based registry 
system with the launch of .INFO, and has a proven back-office system that can 
clearly execute the policies required for a stable and effective 
management of .ORG.

This is an excellent partnership for ISOC, non-commercial entities, the .ORG 
registry, and the Internet, and we thank you in advance for your support.

Warm regards,

Lynn St. Amour 
President/CEO, ISOC

Happy trails ..
Stephen Loosley
Vermont Secondary College
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