RE: [DNS] New 2LD Proposals (to date)

RE: [DNS] New 2LD Proposals (to date)

From: ginger FISH <cyrille.lefevre§>
Date: Mon, 10 Jun 2002 19:12:07 +1000

90% of the people registering domain names for business purposes are :
- small businesses that don't walk on dollars
- people that are thinking about a project that is not even sure to be given

These people don't know what a domain name is for starters, and they don't
need several domain names, vanity to them would be pointless and too
5 email addresses are often more than enough for small businesses, most of
them don't have tons of staff.

What i understand is that it is too much like politics, some of you guys
live in a bubble where everybody think they know what the people want but
you don't even know the price of a bread roll ( yeah i know, be a smartass
and give me the price of a bread roll ).

Give the people what they want and the industry will grow.. give the people
what the industry wants and the industry will die.


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|> Fait enough, but that is for business people.

You will find a lot of reasons businesses register domain names also
applies to individuals.

|> It doesn't really apply to individuals.
|> basically for most people it will be :
|> " Why do i have to register a domain name to have an email
|> address, my bigpond address works and it doesn't cost me
|> much.I don't want to pay for domain registration and email
|> hosting ( first because i don't know shit about al that
|> internet stuff, so i want to save me a headache ) to get an
|> e-mail i am going to check once a week ! "

Mostly for vanity or branding purposes.  With an ISP you may get up to 5
email addresses but this would not be enough for business and even for
individuals it may not be enough.  For instance I use a variety of email
addresses, they each have a different function and importance.  I agree
there are a lot of people who are satisfied with only one email address.
However, as more get involved with the Internet this will change.  We
could ask why people need the Internet.  It is mostly about
communication and email is an important part of that.  I too know people
who only check their mail once a week and others who don't have a phone,
either landline or mobile.  It all depends on how in touch you wish to

|> Now for new businesses 2TLDs
|> " I already have a .com and a for my company, i
|> don't need to register anything else. You can say that i
|> need to register them before someone else does but i don't
|> give a rat's ass, that's a pure weak sales argument and i am
|> not biting. I have all i need and my company is reknown,
|> people know where to find us so i don't need anything
|> else.Thank you . Besides when time comes for renewals, it is
|> going to cost me a thousand dollars to renew half a dozen
|> domain names i don't even use."

A lot of companies have different domain names for various
products/services.  It is another form of branding.  If you are
satisfied with using a single domain name for all your business, fine.
There are a lot of people and businesses who use domain names to
separate different aspects of their business or activities.  It is not a
sales pitch, it is meeting a demand in the market.  It also sometimes
transpires a business will switch to another name as they feel it is
shorter or meets some other marketing requirement.

|> That is good for big companies that have money to waste, but
|> for small businesses it will NEVER work. And it is about
|> small businesses we are talking about.

Domain names are not that expensive.  The expense of them is only a very
small part of any budget.

|> <<
|> .. Vanity
|> .. To be cool
|> >>
|> Yeah, that is if you have money to waste, and not a lot of
|> people waste money on such trivial stuff..

You would be surprised.

|> <<
|> .. It is the convention
|> >>
|> It reminds me if an IBM commercial " we've got to have a
|> website, i don't know why , but we've got to have a website"
|> .. that doesn't work either.

I would prefer to see more economical use of the name space but that
doesn't appear to suit the market demand so we are left with the
convention of each business getting their own domain name.

Darryl (Dassa) Lynch.

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