RE: [DNS] whois details

RE: [DNS] whois details

From: Mark Hughes <effectivebusiness§>
Date: Sat, 25 May 2002 23:54:55 +1000
> and while it is delegated and working...
> says there is no record.

There are a few possibilities.

There may still be a few old domain names left that were created before
AUNIC, so they exist in the DNS but don't have a record in AUNIC.  For
example, most of the University domain names started this way - although by
now most have had a record created in AUNIC for them.

There is also the possibility of a record being out of sync between the main
AUNIC database and the whois data - i.e. the record is in the main AUNIC
database but doesn't exist, or is incomplete, or is out of date (i.e. data
doesn't match between the two) in the whois. is more accurate than

If the data in the whois doesn't match the main database
( you can force an update of the whois by
editing the domain name or User NIC Handle record.  You don't actually have
to alter any data, just use or and enter the registry key.   That should
get the whois to refresh from the main AUNIC database.

The AUNIC whois is updated twice a day at 01:00 and 13:00 to reflect changes
in the main AUNIC database.

The whole AUNIC system is a legacy system built by volunteers a long time
ago in internet years - it 'ain't perfect, but its really done suprisingly
well to last this long.

Regards, Mark

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> I was looking for the whois details of an record that I host...
> and while it is delegated and working...
> says there is no record.
> Any ideas?
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