IRA renewals 7 months ahead of time

IRA renewals 7 months ahead of time

From: Domain Registration Services <mail§>
Date: Thu, 23 May 2002 14:17:45 +1000
Quite a few clients have called today demanding to know how IRA obtained
their details. They've all received renewal notices for domain licences not
due until, ....    December 2002.

Is there any chance auDA could make the creation date disappear on the
public records ? It seems as long as there is any mention of dates these
poor consumers are still going to continuously receive deceptive rubbish the

Perhaps IRA should place a warning on their renewal notices something along
the lines of "We cannot renew your domain licence more than 60 days prior to
it's due date but please note we are more than happy to accept your cheque
and earn interest in the meantime"

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