Re: [DNS] Where to find?

Re: [DNS] Where to find?

From: Mr Grumpy <evenmoreunhappy§>
Date: Fri, 17 May 2002 03:14:35 +1000 (EST)
 --- Kim Davies <kim&#167;> wrote: 

"It's easy to get a free email account and pseudo-nym,
jumpon the band wagon, say auDA is a horrible
administrator. auDA is not perfect, but if you are
constructive then things will improve."

Actually Kim I have been making constructive
criticisms for over a year and I see no improvement.
It seems to me that auDA is run by those who are least
worthy. OK they stood up to be counted and I'm sure
many of them have a lot of input however, they are
only motivated by one reason and that is money.

For example why is it not possible for aunic to obtain
the rights to and I think a
good lawyer would soon provide a solution. How can
auDA let this continue. 

When issues such as these are brought up are they
voted on by the board. Are there minutes of meeting
available. If correspondence is entered into with auDA
must it be entered into the minutes and discussed

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