Your Domain is Registered

Your Domain is Registered

From: Mr Grumpy <notahappychappy§>
Date: Thu, 16 May 2002 17:07:22 +1000 (EST)
For a full summary of why you should register your
.com name urgently, please read on.

Register TODAY for the following
important reasons:

PROTECTION Anybody across the world can at any time
register and they have that is
why we are advising you on our mistakes

EMAIL People constantly leave off .au when sending
email. If someone else (such as your competitors or
anybody else) has the .com name registered, they
receive your email and not you! So dont send any big
fat checks to us at because we
wont get them

PREVENTING CONFUSION There is a huge amount of
confusion between .com and websites. Dot com
is the first thing people think about when they think
Internet. Fortunately for us the people who registered haven't got a website and cant
decieve our customers. You can visit or for that.

GLOBAL IMAGE was designed solely for
Australia, whereas .com is the global Internet
namespace. A .com Internet address gives you a more
international and professional image and is necessary
for any company serious about protecting their
intellectual property rights. Registering a .com name
is also essential for any business even considering
doing business overseas. Fortunately we only want to
rip off the austalian public, its easy with no
governing body protecting them.

Register your .com name TODAY! Registration costs only
$99 per year ($198 per 2 year period including GST). 
Dont tell anyone you can get it elwhere for half that

PS you cant unsubscribe and by the way this is not
spam because we got your records from a publicly
available database.

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