RE: [DNS] When will auDA take responsibility ?

RE: [DNS] When will auDA take responsibility ?

From: Jon Lawrence <jon§>
Date: Mon, 13 May 2002 13:25:17 +0100
Hey Cyrille

If you really think legislation is the answer then why are you wasting your
time on this mailing list instead of lobbying appropriate politicians?

And exactly what legislation are you proposing?


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>Subject: [DNS] When will auDA take responsibility ?
>ACCC & ING..... Until the eleventh hour ING were still an "Accredited
>Correct me if i'm wrong, but shouldn't auDA at least "attempt" to protect
>Australian consumers?
>The state of .au administration is nothing short of baffling. The COC
>Committee, nothing short of a farce.
>Rod Keys of DDNS on the COC Committee whilst sending out deceptive
>unsolicited renewal notices to .au registrants.
>NetRegistry (After ripping off the entire aunic database) have a
>representative on the COC Committee.
>Peter Dean, auDA Director, continues to promote ways "around" the
>allocation policy on his website and continues to promote
>"popular generic domains" such as  ""
>Internet Registrations Australia continue on their merry way.
>It's got to be a boys club Dave, short of saying it's a useless
>administration, there's no other explanation.
>Australian domain name administration is a joke.  The sad thing is
>Australian consumers continuously keep getting burnt.
>Is this "self regulation" at it's best?  If it is it clearly isn't working,
>certainly not for the benefit of the average Australian consumer.
>Wake up and smell the roses auDA. A self regulated industry/admin harbouring
>scammers?  Why of course - this is the au administration after all. One
>would expect no less.
>They do as they please.
>They ignore warnings.
>They get away with it all and laugh in our faces.
>They never did anything to warn consumers but post a little alert on their
>little site nobody visits.
>They promised they would get Melbourne IT to send a mass warning, but oh
>after we learn it is not possible ( they probably don't know how such things
>work, after all they're lawyers, they're not not supposed to know how to
>a computer ).
>The only thing we saw was Chris Disspain playing "Daddy the Hero" after
>pressure from the people that really care.
>You might say :
>"Ginger, why don't you come yourself in the comitees smoking cigars and
>talking shit with us ?"
>No thank you, after a while of hanging around with you guys people might
>think i am a scammer myself.
>Legislation is needed and the .au administration people certainly don't
>deserve their (huge) salaries for turning an entire industry into CHAOS.
>The problem is we are ALL Australian consumers and in one respect or another
>we are all affected and that is simply un acceptable.
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