RE: [DNS] Now I've seen it all..

RE: [DNS] Now I've seen it all..

From: Ginger Fish <ginger-fish§>
Date: Thu, 9 May 2002 18:40:59 +1200
Well i reckon that it is a pretty nicely made website. Obviously there has
been quite a bit of work put into this and i wish to personnaly thank the
owners of the website ( *grins* ) that will finally bring the news to the
world ( as opposed to brining the news heavily filtered behind closed
doors ).

I especially love the "stories" part myself and hope to participate in
giving away special items from my own personnal collection in the future :>

Best ReGingergards,


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At 11:12 AM +1000 9/5/02, Rod Keys wrote:

>Amazing ..australian domain name news who is behind this and why is it
>registered as a dot .com? How can you expect credibility when you don't
>reveal who you are and what your motives are for putting up a site like
>in the first place.

Surely their credibility is derived from the content of the site,
not the identity of the people running it!

Why does the identity matter to you anyway?


p.s. If you really want to know, give them a ring and ask:
  Administrative Contact:
        Editor Australian Domain News
        Australian Domain News
        PO Box 251
        Carnegie, Victoria 3163
        Phone: +614 09 556 851

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