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international domain news

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Date: Wed, 1 May 2002 01:49:55 +1000 (EST)
Commerce Secretary Vows Scrutiny Of ICANN Reforms (Newsbytes)
The U.S. Commerce Department is keeping close tabs on efforts to
reform the body that manages the Internet's addressing system and
will strive to make sure that those reforms reflect the needs of
Internet users, U.S. Commerce Secretary Don Evans told lawmakers last

ICANN Issues Update On Reform Process (BNA Internet Law News)
The Chair of ICANN's Evolution and Reform Committee, Alejandro
Pisanty, has issued an update on the committee's work.  The report
touches on a number of issues that have been discussed as part of the
reform process, but doesn't provide much insight into where the
process may be heading.

Commerce Secretary Responds To Congressional ICANN Concern (BNA
Internet Law News)
Commerce Secretary Donald Evans has sent a letter to several
Congressman on the House Energy and Commerce Committee addressing
their concerns about ICANN. Evans says that the Commerce Department
views the Lynn proposal as a starting point, not an end point, and
that it is following reform activities and process closely.

Indian Tribes Gain Special Domain Name Suffix (Newsbytes)
Federally recognized American Indian tribes will gain a special
domain-name suffix identifying them as government entities under a
cooperative agreement announced by the U.S. Interior Department and
the General Services Administration.

The Story of '.us' Has Its Critics (Washington Post)
When the ".us" Internet suffix became available to the public last
week, people and companies responded in droves, as more than 200,000
names were registered.

Domain Is Signed, Sealed, Delivered ... To Peter Frampton (Newsbytes)
In a potentially controversial decision, an international arbitrator
has ruled that individuals could lose rights to their own names in
Internet addresses if those same monikers are sought by celebrities.

IPv6 - what's in it, and what's in it for you (ZDNet)
While you probably know that the Internet Engineering Task Force
(IETF) drafted an IPv6 specification for the next generation of the
Internet Protocol, you may not be familiar with its specifics--or why
it's important to enterprises.,2000024993,20264924,00.htm

Court urged to act on reseller (Sydney Morning Herald)
A Federal Court case against Internet name reseller Internet Name
Protection was adjourned on Friday until May 6. Profit Rises, Revenue Falls (Reuters)
Web address provider on Monday said first-quarter profit
rose from a year earlier with strong sales to corporations, despite
lower revenues.

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