Archives, Searches and List Etiquette

Archives, Searches and List Etiquette

From: Galen Townson <galen§>
Date: Tue, 19 Mar 2002 22:42:41 +1100
Hi Kim and All,

I favour the current approach of having the list as an unmoderated forum to
welcome open discussions in discussing .au domain issues, and would far from
suggest censorship. Yet, here are some of my personal observations and

Some of the same discussions arise time and again with much effort invested
by passionate list members.

Perhaps it would prove useful to provide search functionality for the list
archive for readers to more easily
assess the wealth of list history available online. Something simple such as
htdig would suffice.

Examples of earlier threads that may have benefited recent similar
discussions include:
o Early December 2001's 'List Etiquette' thread
o Mid-November 2001's 'Dissent on process' thread
o Mid-September 2001's 'Undesirables on this list' thread

Those looking for insight into Cyrille Lefevre aka Ginger Fish's identity
could have referred to postings under Cyrille Lefevre from early-December
2001 onwards.

Would it possible to update the list archives to include December 2001
onwards? Archives are currently only available till November 2001.

I'm personally grateful for your efforts managing the list and understand
you're busy with your own life and work, so whenever you can if you're

I also invite list members, perhaps those new to lists or those Internet old
salts so experienced they've since forgotten about it all, to review list
netiquette guides. under 'Discussion List Members'
00000 under 'Is there anything I should not post to the list?' under '3.0 - One-to-Many Communication'

If person-to-person comments intended as responses to individuals that don't
add value to the larger list community could be responded privately off-list
that would certainly raise the list's S/N ratio.

Galen Townson
+61 4133 88998
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