RE: [DNS] Alternatives....

RE: [DNS] Alternatives....

From: Adrian Stephan <akstephan§>
Date: Sat, 22 Dec 2001 01:44:16 +1100
Dear Ari

No, I don't want the auDA board in jail.  But, I was trying to make the
point that to hide behind policy as an excuse for not doing the "right
thing" is not accepted.

I have had the company name Logistics since 1987, and since
early 1995.  I have a regular complaint that people know my company is
logistics and when they type it in obviously it fails. If
was to go to someone else, then people who are trying to find me will be
directed to someone else.  ipso facto - loss of business.  It is for this
reason that I will have to change identity.  These practical nuances of
business don't seem to bother too many people who can't see the business
identity issues.



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on 21/12/01 1:48 PM, Adrian Stephan at akstephan&#167; wrote:

> Try this logic at the War Crimes Tribunal at the Hague and see what
> happens - jail.

I love this list! So many enthusiastic members here ready to have the AuDA
board committed for crimes against humanity.

Uh, everyone. We are talking about *domain names*.

> If I am forced to walk away from a 15 year company identity induced upon
> then that is what I will do.

So, let me get this right. AuDA are making you give up your domain name
"" which you owned since 1986?


Ari Maniatis

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