RE: [DNS] Notional value of a domain name

RE: [DNS] Notional value of a domain name

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Date: Thu, 20 Dec 2001 8:46:04 +1100
Ron - two points:

- it is unlikely that any policy change at the regulatory level (which will
result in the cancellation of an existing domain name) will have retrospective
effect - to suggest that this is likely to occur is, I believe, disingenuous.
- if you change your business strategy/circumstance such that you cannot
justify an association between your domain name and your company name/business
name/trademark, then why should you (a) continue to be entitled to use the
domain name and (b) need to use the domain name.

Craig Ng

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Craig, I think the point being made is that unlike a business name, it's
possible that you are prevented from renewing your domain name because of a
policy change or perhaps a change in your business strategy / circumstances.
If nothing changes, of course you can renew your domain name, but there's no
certainty attached thereto.

Ron Stark

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I have been reading this thread of discussion in amazement.  What is so
unusual about a two year licence.  It is not as if your licence
'drops out' at the end of the two year period.  You simply renew the licence
at the end of the two years, and then again after that etc etc.  I don't see
any suggestion anywhere that you are not entitled to renew your licence at
end of that period - provided that you continue to have a business
name/company name/trademark that you can associate with your domain name.
All business names, for example, are also registered for a finite period -
just renew it when it expires.  I don't hear anyone complaining that they
won't start a business under a business name, unless you have a 'business
risk strategy'.

What is the big deal???

>>> "akstephan&#167;" 20/12/01 7:12:17 am >>>

This is scarry.  We are at this point and issues like this are not clear.
Based on postings here it seems to me that there are too mny uncertainties
that need to be clarified for this auction to proceed.

I find it hard to understand why there is only a two year licence.  In
practical business terms you can't work that way.  It takes years to build
up networks and so on, and one of the most important identifiers of the
business - its domain name - has a 2 year license.  That is absurd or is it
a bit of Texas Two Stepping by someone who has not got a clue about how
small businesses operate.  Is it convenient to use such language now to make
this little charade politically acceptable, but expose the real game plan
when it is all over?

Why would you want to invest promoting your business under such
uncertainties.  The logical thing to do is go somewhere that you can get a
name that is not subject to such uncertainty.

It is now quite clear that business must now have a domain name risk
strategy in place.



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