Re: [DNS] international domain news

Re: [DNS] international domain news

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Date: Thu, 13 Dec 2001 20:33:49 +1100
I am still confused! How are prices going to drop and stay down when it
appears we go from one Monopoly to another?

I would have thought that something like ICANN does with lots of Official
Registrars would be in the market place!

I woul dhave thought! MelbourneIT would still Be an afficial Registrar and
they would add like the new party so there would be 2 Registrar's!

I may be missing something but if I am then so will the general Public!

David Uzzell
Saints PC Pty Ltd

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Domain prices to drop
PRICES for Australian domain names are expected to fall sharply after
a new registry operator was selected to run .au - ending Melbourne
IT's monopoly.,7204,3421072%5e16123%5e%5enbv%5e,

>From BNA Internet Law News...

Nominet has begun releasing decisions under its new dispute
resolution policy for the dot-uk domain.  The site currently
lists two decisions involving the transfer of

The Canadian Internet Registration Authority has issued the
final policy and rules for the Canadian Domain Name Dispute
Resolution Policy.  The final CDRP looks much like the draft
released earlier this fall, which includes three-member
panels for all contested cases, exhaustive definitions for
bad faith and legitimate interest, and explicit protection
for criticism sites.  Policy and rules at
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