[DNS] Oh Please!

[DNS] Oh Please!

From: Brooks, Paul <Paul.Brooks2§ndcglobal.com>
Date: Fri, 28 Sep 2001 15:43:37 +1000
People, please - instead of getting uptight about a message in this forum
and immediately dashing off a half-baked public reply and escalation, take a
breath - walk over to a window and see the outside world - take a walk
around the block - anything.

Please - consider whether all the other recipients of this list want to
'listen' to all the sniping, accusations and allegations, and whether there
might be another form of communication that might help resolve the situation
a little better. Somewhere to the left or right of your keyboard is probably
an ancient but very effective communications device called a 'telephone' -
it allows much higher information bandwidth and faster response times than
mailing-list messages do, and best of all its private.
Pick it up, _call_ the person you have a beef with, and see if you can
resolve things that way.

Please - consider that it doesn't actually matter much to the rest of us
whether you are right or wrong or not - we have our own opinions that are
generally already formed - what we remember is not the points you make, but
the way you make them, and this will affect how seriously you are listened
to on other topics well into the future. 

Please - whether you agree or disagree with something posted, if you have no
further constructive input that others will benefit from, and you feel you
have to reply, just reply back to the poster and not to the list, and
continue the discussion in private.

Please - just get a grip.


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