list policies and archives [was Re: [DNS] This lists purpose]

list policies and archives [was Re: [DNS] This lists purpose]

From: Jonathan Ah Kit <jonathan§>
Date: Thu, 27 Sep 2001 02:58:54 GMT
> If there is a statement of what the purpose of this list is, then I suggest
> it be posted as a reminder. If discussion needs to take place to verify and
> agree the purpose, then lets do that.
Is someone seriously telling me there is *no* AUP or policy for the list?

has a policy that might be interesting for starters.

BTW: where the heck are the archives? I'm sure someone else has noticed as 
well, as in
surely *should* come up with that (and maybe the policy as well), but lately 
itís been doing HTTP redirects to somewhere else. (Well, I tell a lie, on a 
quick check it goes to a signup page, nothing to do with archives and or policy 
shows up. Doesnít even ask for the password.)

Comments, anyone?

Jonathan Ah Kit. :)

Jonathan Ah Kit

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